Open Call for Engineers : Satellite Team

Xona Space Systems is looking to build a Satellite Engineering Dream Team!

GNSS (GPS) creates upwards of $500B in economic value in the US every year, supporting everything from consumer applications, to transportation systems, to time sync for critical infrastructure. As these industries progress towards autonomy the performance and security demands of their navigation systems are increasing beyond what GNSS can support, leaving a need for a cost-effective global solution.

Xona you will develop state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions to solve real problems that can have a massive world impact. Xona is driven by the mission to enable modern devices to operate safely in any environment, anywhere on Earth, and unlock the true potential of the age of autonomy.

We are building a Satellite Engineering Dream Team. A group of highly skilled and passionate engineers who are dedicated to advancing LEO PNT through the design, development, and integration of cutting-edge satellites. Our team comprises Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Integration Engineers, each playing a pivotal role in the complex and fascinating world of satellite technology.


 We are searching for the following Engineers:

1. Mechanical Engineers: Our Mechanical Engineers are the backbone of satellite development. They bring expertise in structural design, materials science, and thermal management to the table. Their responsibilities include:

  • Designing robust satellite structures that can withstand the harsh conditions of space.
  • Ensuring efficient heat dissipation to protect sensitive components from extreme temperatures.
  • Developing mechanisms for deploying solar panels, antennas, and other critical satellite components.

2. Electrical Engineers: Our Electrical Engineers are the maestros of the satellite's electronic systems. They specialize in circuit design, power systems, and communication technology. Their roles encompass:

  • Crafting intricate circuitry for data processing, communication, and sensor interfaces.
  • Implementing energy-efficient power management solutions to maximize satellite longevity.
  • Developing secure and reliable communication systems for seamless data transfer between Earth and the satellite.

3. Integration Engineers: Integration Engineers are the orchestrators of satellite assembly. They are responsible for ensuring that all satellite components work harmoniously together. Their duties include:

  • Overseeing the assembly and integration of mechanical and electronic systems.
  • Conducting rigorous testing and simulations to validate satellite functionality.
  • Collaborating closely with both Mechanical and Electrical Engineers to guarantee a seamless satellite system.


Xona makes offers based on geo-located salary bands using a compensation tool. We are required by law to include a reasonable estimate of the compensation range for this role. This compensation range is specific to Burlingame, California and takes into account the wide range of factors that are considered in making compensation decisions including but not limited to skill sets, experience, interview performance and training. It is not typical for an individual to be hired at or near the top of the range for their role and comp, Xona expects to hire for this position near the middle of the range. Only in truly rare and exceptional circumstances, where an external candidate has experience, credentials, or expertise that far exceed those required or expected for the position, would Xona consider paying a salary or rate near the higher end of the range.

Range for base salary:

  • Engineer I: $120,000 --$195,000