Quality Assurance Manager

Job Summary:

Manage, oversee, direct, assist, the awareness of operational excellence and quality management throughout the organization utilizing materials, human capital, and financial data. The QCM will coordinate the activities of the quality department for the purpose of maintaining a high-quality manufacturing and shipping facility of our products. This role requires working within all areas of the organization and exercising a high degree of professionalism and data integrity. The incumbent will act as the representative to develop and maintain continued compliance to the ISO 9001 quality management system and coordinate internal auditing of record retention and compliance.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Develop operational plans and processes for meeting quality objectives that support and optimize the organization’s quality and operational standards.
  • Monitor emerging risks and implement corrective actions to mitigate ramifications.
  • Evaluate and maintain process capabilities and make necessary contingency plans to meet objectives.
  • Promote problem solving techniques including analysis of costs of quality, identification of major opportunities for improvement.
  • Lead and direct QA department in setting, monitoring, and meeting quality metrics to drive higher manufacturing quality.
  • Implement performance metrics to appropriately drive departmental performance and contribution to the Company’s overall customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Analyze chronic quality problems and perform reliability analysis to reduce scrap, rework, and increase quality standards.
  • Direct the calibration and conformance of all measuring instruments to meet approved standards.
  • Maintain the standards of conformance to specifications, including attributes and dimensional requirements for all internal customers.
  • Train operators, supervisors, and inspectors in the proper techniques of measurement and the identification of defects and imperfections at all stages of manufacturing.
  • Audit and sample process output. Maintain records of procedures performed and disposition of nonconforming product.
  • Develop sampling plans incoming product from external vendors and suppliers.
  • Coordinate and resolve internal and external customer quality complaints and maintain records.
  • Plan and conduct internal quality and system audits. Review of documentation and procedures necessary to demonstrate conformance and effective implementation of the company’s quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.
  • Plan and coordinate the management review process to ensure that upper management has adequate information to make decisions regarding the improvement of the quality system.
  • Provide measurement of quality and operations effectiveness to all levels of the organization.
  • Assist all areas in planning, training, tracking data, and problem solving.
  • Work with department supervisory personnel and engineers to implement new solutions.
  • Provide leadership and support to ensure the ongoing improvement of lean initiatives within the system.
  • Research ways to limiting human error on the production line, track the impact of different policies on defective parts. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in business management, Industrial Science, Statistics, or related field, or 10-15 years Quality experience in a manufacturing setting.
  • Experience in quality planning, verification methods and quality monitoring.
  • Familiarity with quality standards and processes to follow ISO, federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Team oriented individual with experience and appreciation of SPC principles and statistical methodology.
  • Thorough knowledge of the manufacturing processes required to manufacture hand tools.
  • Must be capable of working with other supervisors and associates to resolve problems leading to nonconformity.
  • Must maintain an adequate level of training in audit practice.
  • Must have training in ISO 9001 systems and requirements.
  • Capable of coordinating teams to achieve defined goals of the organization.
  • Must have a clear understanding of Channellock policies, products, and management values.
  • Must have experience within an SPC environment.
  • Must be of leader status and willing to work with others.
  • Must have the ability to coordinate work efforts and assume responsibility.