Regional Supported Employment Supervisor
Morrow, Grant, Wheeler, Gilliam & Umatilla Counties, Oregon
Job Type

JOB TITLE: Regional Supported Employment Supervisor

LOCATION: Morrow, Grant, Gilliam, Wheeler and Umatilla Counties

FLSA: Exempt (Expectation to work 40 hours a week)

SUPERVISOR: Clinical Director or Clinical Manager

PAY GRADE: B11 ($62,895.00 - $94,395.00 annually depending on experience)

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Summary of overall functions of the job: The Supervisor will provide oversight to the IPS Supported Employment program for Morrow, Grant, Gilliam, Wheeler and Umatilla County. The supervisor will provide training, supervision, and field mentoring for staff, monitoring outcomes, and implementing quality improvement plans. The supervisor will report to OHA and OSECE quarterly outcomes and act as the liaison for the growth of the program. The supervisor will also work with other departments and agencies to ensure the development of the program. The supervisor will provide IPS supported employment services for a small caseload 2-3 however, no more than 9 people-per fidelity requirements.

Essential job duties of and responsibilities:

  • The supervisor will train, hire, evaluate and develop the specialists in each of the assigned counties.
  • Expectations regarding community time, employer contacts, employer rates, Vocational Rehabilitation capitation rates, and other program requirements will be developed by the supervisor.
  • Ensure that assigned employees meet or exceed SE standards and outcomes in employment skill building and increase client independence.
  • Provide supervision and oversight on a daily and regular basis to assigned employees.
  • Ensure that training and development is of the highest standard and consistent with CCS philosophy and policy.
  • The supervisor will assign each employment specialist to one of two mental health treatment teams, per fidelity requirements. The supervisor will attend at least one of the mental health treatment teams monthly, per fidelity requirements.
  • The supervisor will meet with the specialists weekly for group supervision, following the IPS model for this group. If a person in this position is less than two years post masters or bachelor’s only, position they will not provide CLINICAL supervision to the employment specialist(s).
  • Ensure that all paperwork and documentation is completed in a professional and timely manner and provide support and direction when this goal is not being met.
  • Ensure knowledge and application of CCS personnel policies and procedures.
  • The supervisor will also meet with each specialist weekly as well to staff each assigned client to provide mentoring.
  • Supervisor includes some office-based supervision, as well as field supervision/mentoring per fidelity requirements.
  • The supervisor will meet with new specialists more frequently to provide field mentoring with outcomes that are fidelity based.
  • Supervisor will coordinate for each SE Specialist to take the Dartmouth University IPS Supported Employment training.
  • The supervisor will coordinate for each SE Specialist to take the OCESE IPS 101 training.
  • The supervisor will assign training for SE Specialists as needed, per fidelity and CCS requirements.
  • Supervisor will update immediate supervisor for program mentoring.
  • The supervisor will collect and share with the Chief Executive Director, the Clinical Director and agency wide, client outcomes monthly, per fidelity. This includes but is not limited to program outcomes, client success stories, action plans and quarterly reviews.
  • The supervisor will report to Oregon Health Authority-OHA, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence-OSECE and the Chief Financial Officer-CFO quarterly program outcomes.
  • Supervisor will update immediate supervisor for program mentoring.
  • The supervisor will share outcomes for the program with individual practitioners quarterly and as needed.
  • Helps the team to develop goals for the quarter on a team success plan and an individual plan.
  • Sets goals for improvement, and develops actions plans based on fidelity reviews.
  • Acts as a liaison to other department coordinators and administrators at the agency. Develops a plan for growing the SE program agency wide. Works with the CED and the Clinical Director on problem-solving program issues to act as a champion for employment. Informs administrations of program success and challenges on a quarterly basis. Network with potential employers and community partners to identify potential employment opportunities. Schedule and participate in meetings with other agencies, community partners, and the public to inform about the SE program and services.
  • The supervisor will meet with the CED and Clinical Director quarterly to discuss program outcomes and program growth, pre fidelity.
  • Works with Human Resources to fill vacancies in the program across the agency.
  • Works with Vocational Rehabilitation across the region to increase capitation rates. Provides outreach to the VR offices and coordinates monthly meetings with each office to staff clients.
  • Trains each SE Specialist in the VR process to ensure coordination with VR services and increase fidelity requirements.
  • Each SE specialist meets with VRC monthly to staff clients.
  • SE supervisor to meet with each regional VRC monthly to staff clients and ensure coordination.
  • The supervisor will coordinate for each SE specialist to take the JDOT training in each county.
  • Supervisor will update immediate supervisor for program mentoring.
  • The Supervisor will coordinate, plan, and arrange for the IPS supported employment fidelity review for the agency. This will include all fidelity requirements for the agency.
  • The supervisor will write the action plan yearly based on the fidelity report received.
  • The action plan will be sent to the CED, Clinical Director, OSECE and the Site Manager.
  • Supervisor will update immediate supervisor for program mentoring.
  • The supervisor will coordinate with OSECE for training should the need arise.
  • The supervisor will conduct and lead the stakeholders’ meeting, both internal and external, per fidelity requirements.
  • This includes the development of committee members across the region, implementation, and sustainability.
  • The supervisor will provide IPS services to a small caseload of 2 or 3 clients, no more than 9 per fidelity requirements, in the county of residence.
  • If the supervisor is supervising more than 8 specialists, then the caseload will be no more than.
  • Supervisor responsible to ensure all fidelity measure are met for the program both for self and staff supervised as defines by Oregon Statute/Rule.
  • Follow the grievance process for client complaints and work diligently to resolve complaints.
  • Ensure that clients are scheduled in a timely manner.
  • Ensure adequate coverage by overseeing vacations, sick leave, training, etc.
  • When requested, participate in internal administrative meetings. Hold regular SE staff meetings.
  • Transport clients as needed.
  • The supervisor will coordinate with the immediate supervisor for all assistance needed in the above steps.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Education and/or Experience

• Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work or other human service-related field or high school diploma with three (3) years of equivalent training/work experience, including supervision.


• None required.

Job Requirements:

• 5 years management experience required, or equivalent education and/or experience.

• Must have a high school diploma or GED.

• Excellent verbal, written, presentation and interpersonal skills.

• Strong organizational and time management skills.

• Flexible team-oriented individual.

• Self-motivated and able to work independently.

• Decision making and problem-solving capabilities.

Must be able to pass a background check.

Other Skills and Abilities

• Knowledge of current SE program delivery protocols.

• The ability to use independent judgment including finely developed decision making, planning, analytical and organizational skills.

• Ability to prepare and maintain detailed and accurate records.

• Ability to communicate and coordinate well with a diverse population including staff members, professional consultants, agencies, customers, and members of the public.

• Ability to understand, interpret and apply laws, regulations and administrative rules related to SE.

• Ability to learn and implement CCS procedures, regulations, and requirements with respect to procurement, budget, safety, operations, and organization.

• Must be a self-starter and demonstrate the ability to supervise and assign work to direct reports.

• Ability to work effectively with other employees and the public.

• Good organizational and time management skills are essential.

• Must be able to work with minimal supervision.

• The position requires the handling of highly confidential information. Must adhere to rules and laws pertaining to client confidentiality.

• Must be able to communicate effectively in both written and oral formats. Must have the ability to present and exchange information internally across teams and co-workers, and externally with customers and the public. Information communicated ranges from routine/basic to complex and confidential information.

• Must hold a valid driver’s license and be insurable or carry insurance for client service purposes and for travel between business offices, the community, and to attend required meetings and/or trainings. Must pass all criminal history check requirements as required by ORS 181.536-181.537 and in accordance with OAR 410-007-0200 through 410-007-0380.

• Must have excellent typing skills, knowledge of basic office software programs and ability to effectively use such software.

Working Conditions:

Occasional lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling of items weighing up to 60 lbs.

Potential exposure to the threat of violence at any time.

Occasional business travel may be required.

Travel throughout the company’s region.

Some overnight travel may be required.

State and program meeting/training attendance required.

Extensive driving is required in a commercial vehicle.

All weather conditions apply.

Urban driving conditions

Employer insurance requirements apply.

Must have a valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.

Sitting or standing for extended periods of time may be required.

Repetitive motions and extensive keyboarding may be required.

Employee’s work is conducted in offices, participants’ homes, and other community sites.

Must be able to work well in all working conditions.


Must hold a valid driver’s license as well as personal auto insurance for privately owned Vehicles utilized for CCS business such as client service purposes, travel between business offices and the community, to attend required meetings and trainings.

Must show proof of $300,000 or more liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage and maintain said level of coverage for the duration of employment at CCS.

The employee’s insurance is primary with CCS insurance being secondary. CCS reserves the right to deny any employee the use of a vehicle owned by CCS.

Salary Description
$62,895.00 - $94,395.00 annually DOE