Sr. Vet Research Technician
Sykesville, MD Vivarium
Job Type

1) All the responsibilities of the Veterinary Research Technologist including:

a) Proficiently follow and perform standard operating procedures (SOP) & Protocols on study and stock animals, including, but not limited to clinical observations, food consumptions, body weights, urine collection, administering and monitoring anesthesia, mating procedures, blood draws dose administration, restraint, euthanasia, catheter placement, feeding, food removal, on laboratory animals.

b) Assist surgeons as needed.

c) Perform minor recovery surgical procedures and major non-recovery surgical procedures. Performing survival rodent surgeries, including major, after specific training or Veterinary supervision

d) Observe and record all physical signs of animal health and report all study changes to the Supervisor and/or Study Director.

e) Perform clinical observation, necropsies, and other technical procedures.

f) Perform post-surgical observations and associated record-keeping.

g) Provides daily husbandry care and maintenance required for the health and cleanliness of research animals and their housing facilities in accordance with established procedures and schedules that adhere to State and Federal regulations and accrediting agencies guidelines (AAALAC).

h) Work with the study director on addressing quality assurance audits.

i) Assist with the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) in determining compliance with GLP.

j) Ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the laboratory spaces used.

k) Work independently to manage time and ensure tasks assigned are performed as scheduled.

l) Maintain timely and accurate documentation of tasks completion.

m) Advise and assist other technicians with various procedures as assigned.

n) Assist Study Directors and Sponsors with the development of new and novel procedures.

2) Provide the initial introduction/training for others on various procedures as assigned by the Veterinarian.

3) Verify proficiency of various procedures for others as assigned by the Veterinarian.

4) Perform other duties as assigned including but not limited to cage wash and cleaning procedures.


Ideally, we’d like to see:

  • Bachelor's or AALAS certifications of LAT
  • SQ, IM, IP, IV injections on lab animal -rodents, ferrets, rabbits, pigs, small ruminants.
  • Proficient in mouse and rat IV drug administration.
  • Proficient in mouse and rat gavage
  • Placing IV catheters
  • Rodents and Large animals intubation
  • Ability to work with anesthesia machines and equipment
  • Anesthesia monitoring.
  • xR imaging
  • Surgical instrument sterilization
  • Knowledge in lab animal diseases and clinical recognition of abnormal lab. animal conditions.
  • Familiar with animal research Federal Regulation (The Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals, Animal Welfare Act and Animal Welfare Regulations)
  • Microsoft word and Excel

Equal employment opportunity 


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