Part Time Teaching Assistant - Special Education

Knowing you are changing the world, even if it’s just for one person, is incredibly rewarding – at The Faison Center it happens daily. We spend our days creating life changing opportunities for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. As a Teaching Assistant working in our Richmond campus, you are part of the educational staff responsible for implementing instructional and communication-development activities throughout the day, assess progress and support key skills for growth.

Do you aspire to help children who have developmental challenges? Are you interested in becoming a teacher? What about a clinician specializing in the field of behavioral health? If so, then The Faison Center is the place for you to work. The Faison Center is a nationally recognized leader in the field of Autism and we have garnered this reputation by training and investing in our employees. If you have a BS or BA degree or if you have related experience Faison is the place for you. Why not do it at an industry leading organization that values its employees, provides opportunities and work-life balance.

Part-time Staff (24 hours)

Select your Schedule: 

Schedule 1:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8am - 4pm  (Limited Slots)

Schedule 2:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 8am - 4pm (Limited Slots)

Schedule 3:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8am - 4pm (Limited Slots)

Schedule 4:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 8am - 4pm (Limited Slots)

Job Summary:

We will train you to perform all necessary duties when working with students.

· Provide instruction (e.g., one-on-one or small group) and teach students new skills in a variety of environments.

· Facilitate participation in recreational and physical education activities.

· Support students during off-campus community-based activities.

· Collect data to measure student progress.

· Work collaboratively with a team to help students meet their educational and life goals.

· You will assist with activities of daily living that may include hygiene and toileting assistance.

· You will support individuals who may display disruptive, aggressive and/or self-injurious behavior.



· Minimum: High School Degree