Master’s Practicum
Job Type

We will be accepting applications for our Practicum starting in either January, June, or September. Practica run for either 9 or 12 months, depending on students’ needs and academic program requirements. Though not required, year-long placements are preferred in order to assure clients the highest level of continuity between trainees, especially for those seeking relational therapy hours. The Clinic offers Outpatient and Day Treatment psychotherapy placements, and this is an unpaid volunteer position.

For outpatient and day treatment therapy practica, the program typically takes master’s students from counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy, early childhood (infant mental health), social work, or child-focused degree programs. The placement requires at least 20-hours and at least two evenings per week. In our experience, the educational quality of a practicum is negatively correlated with a student’s concurrent credit load, and students are encouraged to begin practicum only after completing the majority of their degree requirements.

Although the clinic serves clients throughout the lifespan, practicum students are able to focus on the client population that best suits their learning goals.

  • Psychotherapy
  • Early Childhood Day Treatment

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide in-person clinical services (conducting diagnostic assessments, treatment planning, psychotherapy, day treatment, and discharge planning) for clients
  • Carry and maintain a psychotherapy in-person caseload as defined by clinic or center-based as needed
  • Provide Crisis assistance as needed
  • Attend and participate in individual and/or group supervision, case consultation, Grand Rounds, business meetings, and other meetings when not conflicting with class schedules
  • Comply with DHS and insurance standards for clinical documentation
  • Strictly comply with licensing board rules and APA and AAMFT Codes of Ethics
  • Maintain professionalism in all interactions with staff, patients, and business associates of the Clinic
  • Bill appropriate procedural codes accurately and timely, while keeping abreast of billing issues and discuss with patients when necessary
  • Assist in intermittent peer-reviews of patient files
  • Adhere to additional directives by applicable direct clinical and administrative supervisors
  • Other duties as assigned

Prerequisite Coursework:

  • Ethics
  • Counseling theories
  • Psychopathology
Salary Description
Unpaid Volunteer