Packaging Line Lead

Saint Arnold is a small company and this position will have many different responsibilities. The main focus is to work and lead the packaging lines. We are seeking a person with a strong mechanical aptitude. Below is a partial list of the activities of this position:

  • Work on the Packaging Lines: Reviewing production schedule. Responsible for set up of designated package line the Team Leader assigned and other machines, operation and clean up. During the run, focus is keeping the package line running efficiently, maintaining proper levels of supplies to the proper machinery. Wrapping pallets and preparing them for shipping.
  • Sanitation and Cleanliness: Team leader is responsible for keeping packaging department extremely clean and sanitized. Also making sure the team is keeping their machines clean. Sanitation and cleanliness is the main key in making beer.
  • Moving packaging inventory: Preparing for a package run. Counting material and making sure the proper amounts and type of material is ready.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Maintaining all packaging equipment. Keeping all machines operating and looking like brand new equipment. 
  • Record keeping: Accurately track and report supplies used and beer packaged as required. 
  • Other: Help with miscellaneous brewery tasks including maintaining building and grounds and other projects as they come up.
  • Schedule: This is a full time position but the schedule will change as needed. 

  • Must be able to pick up and stack 35 lb cases for a sustained period. Must be able to pull hoses, bend down and clamp hoses under tanks and lift empty kegs above your head. Must be able to work standing for 8 continuous hours.
  • At least 2 years of experience working on a packaging line or related field preferred
  • Mechanical proficiency required
  • Ability to follow SOPs and follow safety requirements required
  • Must be able to be at work on time regularly
  • Must be able to work in a team environment, get along with others and be comfortable delegating tasks