Manager, Applications

The Manager, Applications is responsible for overseeing the development, deployment, and maintenance of strategic software applications that align with business objectives. This role requires a focus on optimizing application performance, ensuring seamless integration, and driving innovation in software solutions. 

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Application Lifecycle Management: Lead the entire lifecycle of applications from conceptualization to deployment, ensuring efficient development, testing, and maintenance. Evaluate application requirements, oversee implementation, integration, and ensure seamless operation within the existing IT infrastructure. 
  • Application Development: Lead the selection, design, and implementation of new applications and upgrades to existing ones, ensuring adherence to project timelines and budgets. 
  • Strategic Planning: Collaborate with stakeholders to define application strategies aligned with business goals, ensuring scalability, reliability, and user satisfaction. 
  • Contract and Vendor Management: Manage contracts with software vendors, overseeing deliverables and ensuring compliance. Handle website domain and hosting management, ensuring optimal performance and security. 
  • Providing Managed Services: Extend managed services to other energyRe entities, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and adherence to IT standards. 
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Develop and maintain a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan for applications, ensuring minimal disruption in case of unforeseen events. 
  • Digital Subscriptions Management: Manage digital subscriptions, ensuring licenses are up-to-date and aligned with business needs while optimizing costs. 
  • Quality Assurance: Establish and enforce quality standards, conducting regular evaluations to ensure applications meet performance and security requirements. 
  • Change Management: Implement change control processes for applications, ensuring seamless transitions and minimal disruptions to business operations. 
  • Technical Evaluation: Monitor industry trends, evaluate new technologies, and recommend innovative solutions to enhance application performance and functionality. 
  • User Support: Provide escalated support for application-related issues, ensuring prompt resolution and excellent user experience. 
  • Documentation and Compliance: Maintain comprehensive documentation of applications, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field. 


  • 7+ years of progressive experience in application development and management, with a proven track record of successful project delivery. Experience in leading application development teams is preferred. 
  • Experience managing a large outsourcing partnership. 

Other Skills

  • Technical Proficiency: Strong knowledge of software development methodologies, programming languages, and application frameworks. Experience with cloud platforms and integration technologies is highly desirable. 
  • Leadership Skills: Proven ability to lead and motivate teams, foster innovation, and drive results in a dynamic environment. 
  • Vendor Management: Experience in managing vendor relationships, negotiating contracts, and ensuring service-level agreements are met. 
  • Communication: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and external partners. 

Physical Requirements

The Manager, Applications will be required to endure the following physical activities: 

  • Ascending or descending ladders, stairs, scaffolding, ramps, poles, and the like, 
  • Moving self in different positions to accomplish tasks in various environments including tight and confined spaces, 
  • Remaining in a stationary position, often standing, or sitting for prolonged periods, 
  • Moving about to accomplish tasks or moving from one worksite to another, 
  • Adjusting or moving objects up to 25 pounds (on occasions up to 100 pounds) in all directions, 
  • Communicating with others to exchange information,  
  • Repeating motions that may include the wrists, hands and/or fingers, and 
  • Assessing the accuracy, neatness and thoroughness of the work assigned.