Proposal Specialist
Fully Remote Sacramento, CA

 About 11:59

We are 11:59, a professional services firm that helps forward-thinking public and commercial sector clients unlock the full potential of their transformation and modernization efforts. With a team led by former Big 4 Consulting Executives, we bring the Art of the Possible to life, delivering unbiased strategies that are independent from resource constraints, while generating true value and advantage based on what is possible today so that our clients are ready for tomorrow. As a firm that’s built on the curiosity of our experts, we employ an integrated, agile talent model to deliver modern technology. Our clients hire us for our shared commitment to their mission, the collaborative approach of our team members, and our track record of delivering breakthrough solutions and results. 

At 11:59, we don’t just showcase the art of the possible, we deliver it.  

11:59's Proposal Specialist is responsible for managing the process of responding to request’s for proposals and other requests for information from potential clients or customers. Their role is crucial in ensuring that the organization's responses are comprehensive, well-organized, and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Their attention to detail, project management skills, and ability to create compelling and client-focused responses are essential to the success of the organization's sales efforts. 

Job Responsibilities 

  • RFP Analysis: 
  • Review incoming RFPs to understand the client's requirements, scope of work, evaluation criteria, and deadlines. 
  • Determine the feasibility and strategic fit of pursuing the opportunity. 
  • Project Coordination: 
  • Act as the central point of contact for all RFP-related activities. 
  • Coordinate cross-functional teams, including subject matter experts, to gather the necessary information and input for the response. 
  • Content Development: 
  • Develop and write RFP responses, ensuring they are clear, concise, and aligned with the client's needs. 
  • Customize boilerplate content to address specific RFP requirements while maintaining consistency in messaging. 
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance: 
  • Ensure that RFP responses adhere to all client requirements and compliance standards. 
  • Conduct thorough proofreading and quality checks to eliminate errors or inconsistencies. 
  • Knowledge Management: 
  • Maintain a repository of RFP responses, templates, and supporting documents for future reference and efficiency. 
  • Continuously update content to reflect the organization's latest products, services, and achievements. 
  • Research and Data Gathering: 
  • Conduct research to gather relevant data, statistics, case studies, and references to support RFP responses. 
  • Collaborate with internal teams to obtain the latest information on offerings and capabilities. 
  • Competitive Analysis: 
  • Research competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses, enabling the organization to differentiate itself effectively in RFP responses. 
  • Graphics and Visual Enhancements: 
  • Collaborate with graphic designers or use visual aids to enhance the presentation and readability of RFP responses. 
  • Timeline Management: 
  • Create and manage a timeline to meet RFP submission deadlines. 
  • Coordinate internal reviews and approvals to ensure timely completion. 
  • Risk Assessment: 
  • Identify and address any potential risks or challenges in responding to RFPs, such as legal or compliance issues. 
  • Client Engagement: 
  • Communicate with clients or potential clients to seek clarifications or additional information regarding the RFP. 
  • Maintain a professional and responsive approach to client inquiries. 
  • Post-Submission Analysis: 
  • Evaluate the success of RFP responses and gather feedback to continuously improve the RFP process and content. 
  • Documentation and Reporting: 
  • Maintain records of all RFPs, responses, and outcomes for reporting and analysis purposes. 
  • RFP tool administration: 
  • Act as the main point of contact and subject matter expert for our RFP software (currently 
  • Training and Knowledge Sharing: 
  • Conduct training sessions for team members or sales professionals on RFP best practices and procedures. 


  • 3+ years of experience managing the analysis and responding to proposals
  • Excellent research skills and the ability to write persuasively and articulately 
  • Exceptional attention to detail and analytical skills; strong coordination and planning skills 
  • Experience in drafting and/or contributing to proposals (RFPs, RFIs, etc.) responses 
  • Excellent interpersonal, computer, and organizational skills 
  • Must be technologically savvy in order to navigate and organize electronic submissions and online bids 
  • Ability to work independently, prioritize workload, and meet deadlines 
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment with proven ability to prioritize and multi-task 

Preferred Qualifications:  

  • BA/BS or equivalent. 
  • Strong understanding of the Business and Technology consulting space  
  • Strong understanding and experience working with an RFP software solution (preferably 
  • PMP certification or equivalent 

Why work with us? 

  • Competitive pay  
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance  
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off  
  • 401(k) matching  
  • 100% Remote 

Applicants must be able to work in the United States without the need for current or future visa sponsorship. No Corp to Corp.  

Salary Description
$65,000 to $85,000