Evaluation Officer

JOB TITLE: Evaluation Officer

REPORTS TO: Director, Learning and Evaluation


Houston Endowment (the “Foundation”) seeks an experienced learning and evaluation professional to join our team as an Evaluation Officer (the “Evaluation Officer”). The Evaluation Officer will work proactively with Foundation staff and external partners to commission evaluations of Foundation strategies, lead internal learning and evaluation projects and processes, expand monitoring capacities and practices, and support development of funding strategies for the Foundation.

The Evaluation Officer’s role includes the following:


- Lead the design and implementation of third-party evaluations from start to finish, including: 

  • Co-develop evaluation questions, methods, and primary data collection protocols with program staff
  • Lead the selection of external evaluation partners for the Foundation and grantees through multiple processes (e.g., requests for proposals/qualification, invitation processes, supporting grantees with selection of evaluation partners, etc.) 
  • Support and/or manage relationships between the Foundation, evaluation partners, grantees, and the community
  • Ensure evaluation products and processes are timely, useful, and high-quality
  • Interpret and present findings to multiple audiences in various formats 

- Facilitate development of evaluation agendas with program staff

- Design and lead internal evaluation projects from start to finish

- Develop approaches to promote the use of learning and evaluation findings internally, with grantee partners, and with additional stakeholders

- In partnership with communications staff, create dissemination plans for learning and evaluation findings

- Develop ongoing professional relationships with evaluation consultants and external colleagues


  • Facilitate development of learning agendas with program staff
  • Design and lead internal learning projects from start to finish
  • Incorporate ongoing learning practices, activities, and processes within the organization
  • Design and facilitate structured learning workshops with program staff and additional partners, as needed


  • Facilitate and/or support the development of monitoring plans for each funding portfolio
  • Support Learning and Evaluation team members in developing process for collecting monitoring data, data visualization, and sensemaking with program staff


Support in the portfolio strategy development process, including: 

  • Facilitate theory of change development
  • Ensure learning and evaluation findings are in service of ongoing strategy improvement
  • Facilitate conversations with program staff on incorporating learning and evaluation findings into funding strategies


  • Support in preparing learning and evaluation materials for the Foundation’s Board of Directors meetings
  • Contribute to building a culture of learning and evaluation within the Foundation through various internal evaluation capacity building and similar projects 
  • Provide feedback and thought partnership on work products and processes, making contributions wherever possible to the broader work of the Learning and Evaluation team and the Foundation
  • Represent the perspectives of the Foundation with current and prospective evaluation partners, other funders, grantees, philanthropic support organizations and community stakeholders
  • Actively participate in a network of peers in the field to develop and discover new ideas and strategies the Foundation may pursue to enhance evaluation and learning practices



  • Advanced degree in social sciences, public policy, applied research, or related field, with specific education or training in evaluation
  • A minimum of five years of experience conducting or commissioning evaluations, preferably with foundations, community-based nonprofits, or local governments
  • Experience with a broad range of evaluation philosophies and methods, including mixed methods
  • Excellent facilitation skills and the ability to work across teams to co-develop learning and evaluation projects and plans
  • Excellent data management and analysis skills, with demonstrated attention to detail 
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to make complex issues understandable and relevant to multiple audiences
  • Experience working with a variety of stakeholders and communities
  • Knowledge of the Houston region’s challenges and opportunities a plus


We believe it is both an honor and a great responsibility to work for Houston Endowment, so we are committed to our values and seek colleagues who share our commitment. 

High Performing: We bring our best every day so we: 

  • Hold high standards and drive for excellence
  • Challenge ourselves and show determination in pursuit of our collective goals
  • Pursue continuous improvement, even when we have achieved our intended outcomes
  • Stay curious to do our best work

Courageous: We know bold action matters so we: 

  • Hold an audacious vision for what we can accomplish together
  • Work proactively, take risks, and make difficult choices when necessary
  • Choose optimism, show resilience, and stay engaged in challenging situations

Committed: We care deeply about the organization so we: 

  • Prioritize and commit to the mission of the organization
  • Seek and act on feedback on our work, and devote energy to our own development to be at the top of our field
  • Gather diverse perspectives and expertise in service of better results

Connected: We care deeply about each other so we: 

  • Build relationships with one another to create a highly effective team
  • Start with trust, assume others have good intentions, and practice generosity of spirit
  • Address issues directly to resolve conflict or misunderstanding
  • Embrace inclusion and adapt as appropriate when partnering with others


Salary will be determined in accordance with the successful candidate’s experience. The candidate will be eligible for the Foundation’s comprehensive employee benefits programs, including health, dental and vision plans, time off, life insurance, short- and long-term disability as well as matching 401(k) and pension retirement plans.