Office and Logistics Assistant
Job Type

The purpose of the Office and Logistics Assistant is to help with and act as backup with all aspects of shipping into and out of the facility and to facilitate reporting and transmission of site data to the Portland office. 

Role Responsibilities: 

  • Assist in aspects of trucking for all outbound loads
  • As necessary, book/manage trucking for inbound product
  • Use other resources where appropriate to facilitate trucking
  • Assist in aspects of remote yard/reload facility
  • Track and communicate production activities/data with the Portland Office
  • Coordinate with the Manager to make sure custom shipping items are ready on time with respect to booked trucks (cases added to pallets, etc). 
  • Coordinate with the Assistant Manager for the documentation, hiring, training, and scheduling of manufacturing personnel onsite
  • Communicate with Assistant and Plant Managers on any shipping issues (mis-ships, customer/warehouse-specific expectations etc.)
  • Assist with staged loads and communicate/facilitate between trucking companies and truck-loaders onsite
  • Maintain licensing and import permits
  • Prior relevant work experience of 1-2+ years in a related role
  • Excellent attention to detail and follow-through
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and an action orientation
  • Team mentality and consistent demonstration of that commitment