Cattle Analyst
Job Type

Beef Northwest Feeders is a progressive family owned feedlot operation. We have 350+ employees and 3 feed yards as well as 3 grow yards across the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to our employees who do a great job for us every day, to safe animal welfare for our cattle, and our communities and customers we live and work with. We take pride in growing our people and as we continue to do so everyday we have an exciting opportunity in our North Powder office as a Cattle Analyst.  

Job Summary

The Cattle Analyst is responsible for partnership cattle record keeping from the time the cattle arrive at the feedlot to the time they are shipped to the packer. This includes all receiving and owner/background information, feeding and veterinary record keeping, pen movements, deaths, shipments and final performance and financial information. The Cattle Analyst  works closely with Feedlot Manager, Cattle Manager, Feed Manager, and customers. 


  • Tracking cattle inventory
    • Receiving, shipments, feed charges, data entry, preparing closeouts, and working with Yard and Office Managers on any cattle tracking needs
  • Building various reports outlining cattle performance and sales
  • Receiving an compiling information into various filling structures 
    • Online databases and storage; Paperless office
  • Building and tracking various agreements
    • Feed agreement; Cattle contracts; Program qualifications
  • Processing all fat cattle sales proceeds
    • Tracking grid metrics, processing payments, producing records of cattle sales proceeds, tracking shipments
  • Reconciling all closed lot profits/loss
    • Reconciling accounting and feedyard records, transferring funds from inventory to Income Statements, producing summary reports
  • Cross training on various other corporate administrative jobs, including: Risk Management Analyst


  • Basic computer experience in Microsoft programs (Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Basic accounting knowledge
  • Delivering and receiving information clearly and concisely
  • Personable 
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Organized

Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Business and/ or Accounting preferred, but not required  

Compensation: Competitive Compensation program including:

  • Salary (depending on experience)
  • Annual incentive bonus program
  • Health/vision/dental/life insurance
  • 401k match program 

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