Job Type

The Housekeeper will be responsible for cleaning and servicing assigned areas. 



• Cleans assigned areas by washing furnishings and equipment and mopping floors with special cleaning solutions and disinfectants to prevent the spread of disease. Uses damp, disinfectant-treated cloths and vacuum cleaner to dust windowsills, blinds, floors, furniture, and equipment in an orderly fashion. Scours and polishes sinks, tubs, mirrors, and other equipment. 

• Assembles materials and supplies from the supply room and transports them to the work area.

• Replenishes supplies of soap, towels, and other dispensable items.

• Reports mechanical failures or negative conditions observed in assigned area to the Director or Linen Aide.

• Gathers and disposes of trash, washes wastebaskets and large refuse containers, and relines with plastic bags.

• Removes soiled linens.

• Periodically polishes floors with a buffing and polishing machine.

• Performs other related duties as assigned.

• Adheres to facility’s Standards of Excellence.

Required Skills/Abilities: 

• Must know how to use common housecleaning implements such as mops, floor waxes, and scouring pads to keep areas clean and well serviced.

• Must know how to care for equipment, how to measure cleaning solutions, and to be alert to hazards.

• Ability to follow oral or written instructions.

Education and Experience:

• High school graduate preferred.

• Previous cleaning experience in a hospital setting preferred.

Physical Requirements: 

• Must be able to endure long hours of continuous work.

• Physical effort required by the job includes standing, stooping, pulling, pushing, and lifting up to 25 pounds.