Agriculture Volunteer

The Agriculture Volunteer position is open to the public, and encourages applicants interested in volunteering from 1-3 months at our ECHO Global Farm in Fort Myers, Florida . 

Due to housing limits, ECHO can only host two Agriculture Volunteers at a time. Currently we are full through the end of 2018. Please contact to inquire about availability in 2019. If you do not need housing or wish to commute, please let us know.

Overarching goals of the program are 1) to provide an alternative avenue, besides our regular internship program, to gain practical experience in tropical agriculture, and 2) to provide our career and intern staff with quality volunteers able to commit to full 8 hour work days of assistance and learning.  

This position is voluntary, but is designed to allow the volunteer to attend intern seminars and access to our Living Library for independent study time. 

Housing on campus is provided, depending on availability, for those coming from outside the Fort Myers area. Availability depends on the dates requested by the applicant and the extent to which housing is already booked. Housing, if provided, is at no cost to the agriculture volunteer assistant. If you do not need housing or wish to commute, please let us know in your application. 

Agriculture Volunteers will be responsible for their own meals. The Agriculture Volunteer will have access to a kitchen for meal preparation. Please include this in your budgeting considerations.  

ECHO will not be able to accommodate more than two participants at any given time. Time frames are flexible (e.g. not limited to just the summer months); however, ECHO will not plan to have program participants volunteering between mid November (after our annual conference) and during the month of December.

Participants have a primary and secondary area of focus. Those areas include research (in the field, with the possibility of some lab work), global farm (gaining hands-on experience by assisting our interns with upkeep of our demonstration gardens), appropriate technologies (AT; helping to maintain demonstrations of water purification, food processing methods, fuel efficient cookstoves, water pumps, and the like), and audiovisual (assisting our IT staff with website or video related tasks). We try to base this on your area of preference, but can't necessarily guarantee that.

Once accepted into the program, each participant has a primary and secondary supervisor, depending on the two areas of concentration.

Possible areas of concentration are:

  • Appropriate technologies (demonstrations/equipment that can be used by small-scale farmers and made with available, low-cost materials; technologies shown at ECHO relate to food processing [e.g., grain threshing, fruit drying and fuel-efficient cook stove innovations], water purification, water pumps, etc.
  • Global Demonstration Farm (plantings that demonstrate options for coping with food production constraints for highland, lowland, rainforest, monsoonal, and urban areas of the tropics). 
  • Propagation (Propagating and maintaining plants to be planted on the Farm and sold at the Retail nursery) 
  • Seedbank (Planting, maintenance, harvesting, processing, storage of seeds, and related Seedbank projects). 
  • Media/website (projects related to maintaining as a gateway for disseminating ECHO’s informational resources to a diverse network of international agricultural workers)
  • Research (data collection and maintenance of field plots; ECHO’s objective in this is to test and validate agricultural practices and innovations relevant to the needs of small-scale farmers in low resource settings)

We would ask that you be open to a wide range of duties; however, we also want to accommodate your learning objectives and interests as best we can. In terms of your daily activities, you will have a primary and secondary area of concentration.

Please be prepared to provide the following documents by uploading them to this application 

  • A Cover Letter containing 1) Dates you are interested in  2) Why you are interested in working with ECHO, 3)  Clearly state your first and second choice of concentrations 4) Any important information we should know, such as allergies. Please also include an answer to the following question: As you know, ECHO is a Christian organization with a strong sense of community. Can you briefly (1-3 paragraphs) describe your personal faith journey and perhaps any experiences you may have had with Christian communities in the past? 
  • Resume 
  • 3 References such as a supervisor, mentor, or academic adviser. Please include name, relationship, email address and/or phone number for each reference.
  • Proof of Medical Insurance and an Emergency Contact (can be submitted later in the process)
  • A Signed Code of Conduct Form. Applicants will be required to sign a Code of Conduct agreement (linked here) related to appropriate attendance and punctuality, personal appearance and name badges, drug and alcohol use/smoking, sexual and other unlawful harassment, internet usage on ECHO computers, and equipment use and safety. Please print and sign the code of conduct and attach it to your application. 

If you have any difficulty uploading these documents to this application, please email them to Bianca at  

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