Mountain Forestry Associate Program Manager
Los Angeles
Job Type

TreePeople is an environmental nonprofit organization that mobilizes individuals, families, communities, philanthropists, and public agencies to work together to create green, resilient communities by providing education on the benefits of planting trees, capturing the rainwater, greening schools, and providing fun environmental educational activities. TreePeople unites with communities to grow a greener, shadier and more water-secure region at homes, neighborhoods, schools and in the local mountains.

The Mountain Forestry Associate Program Manager works directly with the Senior Program Manager to design, implement and oversee restoration, reforestation programs and studies of Montane Forest ecosystems, in the Angeles National Forest and Los Angeles’ neighboring ranges of mountains or wildland areas, with the assistance of the Mountain Forestry Coordinators and in direct cooperation with TreePeople's partners and grantors.

Main Responsibilities

  • Design, organize and implement one or several program(s) of restoration or reforestation activities in mountains or wildland areas to meet TreePeople's goals and grant's deliverables, schedules and budgets.
  • Help recruit, train and manage the team of Mountain Forestry Coordinators, to ensure success of activities and volunteer engagement.
  • Oversee all activities related to data collection, surveys and monitoring of the program overseen, in order to draft reports to funders, grantors and partners.
  • Help establish, maintain and develop multiple partner relationships, including but not limited to, the US Forest Service, National Park Service, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Mountain Recreation Authority, National Forest Foundation, local Universities Research Departments and various non-profit partners or subcontractors.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Assist TreePeople's development team in securing potential new funding and projects.
  • Assist in volunteer recruitment strategies and train volunteers to become Reforestation Supervisors.
  • Assist in developing engagement and educational material relevant to Mountain Forestry.
  • Purchase materials, tools and supplies for the Program, and maintain inventory.
  • Coordinate with the nursery team for needs of plant material and potential staff support.
  • Represent TreePeople at donor events, or for the media.
  • Knowledge of local ecosystems - especially Montane Forest - and reforestation principles
  • Valid California driver's license
  • Natural capacity to lead a team
  • Skills in public speaking and public engagement
  • Available to work a 4-10 schedule including weekdays and weekend day(s)
  • Background education in forestry, forest ecology, habitat conservation, natural sciences, and/or environmental science.
  • Attention to detail, precision and demonstrated ability to concentrate on tasks that deliver accurate results.
  • Demonstrated project management skills, including, but not limited to, budget management, time management, effective verbal, non-verbal, and written communication and ability to actively listen, receive and interpret information.
  • Experience with computer applications and database management systems including but not limited to ArcGIS, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office,
  • Highly organized, strong work ethic, friendly, smart, proactive and a quick learner.
  • Strong leadership, team-building, and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience with volunteer management and recruitment.
  • Interested in local climate resilience and environmental issues impacting communities throughout Southern California.
  • Spanish fluency is a plus.
  • Valid CA Driver’s license and clean driving record desired to perform job-related essential functions.

Physical Requirements

  1. Work demands physical energy, twisting, safe heavy lifting ability, and hand-to-eye coordination.
  2. Uses machines, equipment, and work tools including but not limited to: shovels, rock bars, McLeod’s, pitchforks, general hand tools, lift gates, water tanks, fire hoses, weed whips, chainsaws, and augers.
  3. Must be able to repeatedly lift 30 pounds throughout a workday.
  4. Must be able to enter and exit a truck cab and bed numerous times a day.
  5. Must be able to navigate up to 5 walking miles of uneven terrain with heavy tools.
  6. Must be able to withstand exposure to a variety of environmental conditions while completing work assignments, i.e., rain, heat, sun, and cold.
  7. Must be able to stand for extended periods of time.

Salary Description
$26.00 per hour