Site Manager

Site Managers are responsible for the implementation, management and administration of the Child Development & Education Program at singular or multiple sites with 5 or more classrooms. This includes, but is not limited to: carrying out the program philosophy; staff and volunteer hiring, training and personnel management; child recruitment and eligibility; classroom activities, program philosophy and curriculum; and parent education and involvement. This position is responsible for the implementation of program strategies and results that take into consideration program quality, financial sustainability by managing the site’s budget, meeting the terms and conditions of our funding sources, and having a positive impact on our services, families, children and staff.

The position is responsible for developing and maintaining a strong working relationship with funders, including host sites and meeting all contractual reporting and compliance regulations and mandates.

Active demonstration of Peninsula Family Services’ VALUES are expected of every staff member. All of our work is based on our commitment to Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Diversity, Teamwork and Adaptability.  

REPORTS TO: Interim Vice President of Child Development


DIRECT REPORTS: Site Supervisors, Master Teachers, Teachers, Teacher Aides


  1. Provide leadership over a group of centers or one large center
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining Performance Agreement and Recognition Summary document (PARS) with staff members at beginning, middle and end of recognition period, and holding staff accountable for fulfilling responsibilities via the Performance Recognition Process, including Corrective Action process.
  • Coach, model, and provide a motivational work environment for staff
  • Develop and implement training and technical assistance and professional development for Site Supervisors and individual staff, as developed in school readiness plans
  • Provide input to program school readiness plans
  • Support family engagement models in assigned area
  • Complete ongoing monitoring over education component at assigned site(s)
  • Coordinate Quality Improvement Plan/Corrective Action Plans/Disciplinary Actions/Worker’s Comp and ensure they are communicated, created, and implemented
  • Hold monthly meetings with Site Supervisor group (if applicable) to share information from leadership and management meetings
  • Hold monthly one-on-one meetings with Site Supervisors

Classroom Management:

  1. Responsible for compliance with requirements of funding sources. Scope includes but not limited to child recruitment and enrollment, quality standards, eligibility, and attendance reporting.
  2. Responsible for compliance with all Title 22 and Title 5 licensing requirements and Early Head Start
  3. Responsible for ensuring curriculum and activities are developmentally appropriate and in accordance with quality standards and DRDP, ERS and other assessments.
  4. Responsible for ensuring that the physical environment is maintained in a safe and attractive manner.
  5. Responsible for ensuring that all program systems are in compliance with requirements of funding sources including the Child Care Food program, and California Department of Education to include: child enrollment and recruitment, quality standards, Desired Results, eligibility, and attendance reporting.
  6. Responsible to assume all duties as Site Supervisor or Teacher when necessary or delegated by Director of Child Development and Education

Family Engagement:

  1. Maintain positive relationships with parents through daily verbal contact and/or written notes and document any concerns.
  2. Submit written items for the parent newsletter.
  3. Hold parent meetings as required by program standards
  4. Involve parents by recognizing their talents and soliciting their participation.
  5. Model appropriate adult/child interactions while encouraging and supporting parent/infant attachment.


  1. Mentor, coach, and direct Site Supervisors, Teachers, Assistants, and Volunteers
  2. Complete Performance Recognition conversations and documentation within appropriate timeframes at least three times a year.
  3. Know emergency procedures and take responsibility for carrying them out (Fire drills, earthquake, CPR, first aid). Conduct and complete monthly Safety Checklist as requested.
  4. Keep informed of legislative issues and regulation changes specific to the program.
  5. Attend management meetings, program team meetings, and community meetings
  6. Conduct site staff meetings, at least monthly
  7. Participate in case conference and other meetings per funder’s requirements
  8. Complete all tasks on time and accurately, including but not limited to:
  • Billings
  • Family Fees –calculating and collecting
  • Attendance reports
  • Food/Meal Counts
  • Enrollment Records
  • Funder’s Reports (i.e. First 5 of San Mateo County reports)
  • Grant Reports


  1. Work cooperatively with child development team in achieving the goals and objectives of the classroom and center.
  2. Be physically, mentally and occupationally capable of performing the following actions without endangering one’s own health:
  • Reach a child 25 feet away within 10 seconds or less
  • Hear a child call for help from at least 50 feet away
  • Comprehend and react to dangerous situations involving children without hesitation
  • Crouch to a child’s height and maintain eye contact
  • Reach children on the highest piece of play equipment
  • Lift a minimum of 40 pounds
  • Sit on the floor and/or low chair and interact with children for an extended period of time.
  1. Follow all policies and procedures for handling confidential documentation and confidential information.
  2. Follow all Child Protective Services mandates and requirements, particularly regarding reporting of suspected child abuse.
  3. Adherence to all organization policies, procedures, Parent Handbook and Staff Member Handbook
  4. Timely and accurate submission of employee time records, own time records to supervisor and reimbursements for expenses
  5. Travel to offsite locations on a regular basis for meetings and conferences.
  6. Other duties as assigned by supervisor


Site Managers work under the direction of the Director of Child Development and Education. The Site Manager is responsible for communicating with Community Care Licensing and Child Protective Services.


Possess a Child Development Site Supervisor Permit

A.A. in early childhood education or related field, B.A. preferred

Two (2) years of experience supervising staff in an early childhood program as a site supervisor, or Four (4) years as a lead teacher and/or site supervisor.


Site Manager must be able to comprehend English; effectively communicate (verbally and written) in English to parents and other adults; give presentations to staff and others; use grammatically correct language; and when possible, speak in the child’s home language.


Ability to speak with children and families in their native language. Some classrooms may require bilingual abilities due to needs of the children and families enrolled.


Submit and maintain clear Criminal Background Check/Fingerprinting

Submit and maintain evidence of a current (completed within the last year) negative Tuberculin test and health report prior to hire

CPR and First Aid certified or willing to obtain within 3 months of employment; must maintain for duration of employment

Submit and maintain minimum of a Site Supervisor permit while employed in position

Submit evidence of completion of education requirements prior to hire

Proficient in Microsoft Office programs and able to learn and use child development databases such as NoHo and Child Plus

Salary Description
$75,000- $95,000