Extended Learning Program Coordinator
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About the Role: Extended Learning Program Coordinator

The Expanded Learning Program Coordinator role (Program Coordinator II or “PC II”) will manage HMT’s established volunteer-delivered intervention model and will now also meet with selected students for additional sessions to clarify and review concepts taught in class, explain processes, and apply foundational skills covered in HMT’s intervention to grade level work. Additional tutoring session(s) supports math classroom-centered activities, and as such, the emphasis and content of the tutoring sessions are closely aligned with CMS curriculum standards/ and pacing guide. 

The PC II facilitates the traditional program model, ensuring high-quality tutoring sessions and a positive experience for volunteers and school staff at the assigned site. The Program Coordinator II assesses students and monitors instruction, in addition to providing ongoing training and real-time coaching to tutors. The coordinator is also Heart’s liaison to the school, streamlining communication to teachers and hosting the volunteers. The coordinator will build and maintain relationships across various stakeholders: with students, families, tutors, and school staff.  

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee 50-75 students’ growth in math skills and enthusiasm for academics.
  • Oversee HMT’s volunteer-delivered intervention program, managing 50-60 weekly volunteers during designated tutoring times. This includes scheduling, training, coaching, and supporting volunteer tutors as well as leveraging expertise in HMT’s intervention curriculum to provide consistent progress monitoring during tutoring.
  • Provide small group instruction supporting students’ grade level content 1x/week to selected Heart students or 3x/wk to previously enrolled Heart students. 
  • Utilize a combination of Intervention Resources (Kathy Richardson Developing Numbers Concepts and Bridges Interventions) and grade-level content (OpenUp Resources K-5 and CMS district resources). 
  • Oversee collection, organization, and reporting of student academic and attendance data, reporting analyses back to teachers, principals, families, and program manager. 
  • Regularly interface with teachers and classrooms by attending monthly PLC meetings observing classrooms to connect and align Heart’s interventions with classroom pacing. 
  • Manage student enrollment, communication with families, and family engagement plans.
  • Manage tutoring materials at the school site.
  • Coordinate space and time logistics with school staff. 
  • Collaborate with school staff to expand outreach to families through math-related activities/events.

Tasks will include but are not limited to:

  • Become an expert on Heart curriculum and assessments as well as be able to provide instruction based on North Carolina State Standards and grade level content.
  • Deliver initial training and ongoing support and communication to tutors.
  • Communicate with school staff regarding curriculum, students, and schedule issues.
  • Communicate with families regarding student and program updates.
  • Design and maintain schedule of students and volunteers using Salesforce.
  • Coordinate and complete student assessments.
  • Manage tutoring materials.
  • Attend weekly team meetings and quarterly professional development trainings.
  • Report various operational information to Program Manager.
  • Partner with Heart team in providing and receiving feedback, with the goal of aiding the organization’s efforts to establish a strong, scalable program model. 
  • Coordination of space and time logistics with school staff.
  • Act as an ambassador of Heart to personal networks, the Charlotte community, and school site. 

General Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to Heart’s culture of philanthropy, attracting resources (volunteers, donors) to the program to fulfill Heart’s mission.
  • Be a strong team member, working closely with COO, Program Managers, and all Heart staff/volunteers to maintain, develop, and improve the program.
  • Demonstrate Heart Math Tutoring core values: student-centered, gratitude, precision and professionalism, growth mindset, civic engagement.


Key Skills: To be successful in this role, you will need most, if not all, of the following skills:

  • Strong belief that all students can learn and have the potential to perform at or above grade level. 
  • Relationship-building skills - ability to quickly build trust with team members and a wide variety of different stakeholders (students, tutors, school staff, and HMT staff). 
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving ability- come up with pragmatic, equitable, and sustainable ways to tackle challenges and produce positive change. 
  • Leadership (adults and children)
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organization skills with the ability to prioritize tasks and manage competing priorities.
  • Project management
  • Computer skills and/or ability/willingness to learn programs including but not limited to MS 365 Suite (Outlook, Calendar, Contacts, Teams, Power Point, Word, Excel, etc.), Salesforce and other browser-based database platforms, file sharing systems (Sharepoint, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive), communication platforms (MS Teams and Slack), and video-conferencing platforms (MS Teams, Zoom and Google Meets). Must also be able/willing to utilize authenticator apps and other cyber security applications.

Success Metrics: The success of this position would be based on annual and quarterly targets. Initial targets would include:

  • Key assignments are complete as expected, meeting deadlines
  • Documentation of student enrollment, student progress/achievement, and attendance meets specifications as outlined in assigned database (SaleForce, etc)
  • Program team goals are met: 95% of student making growth goals, 90% of teachers seeing increased enthusiasm and confidence in academics, 95% of tutors rate experience as positive.

Background and Experience: The following areas of experience will help the PC II be successful in this role.

  • Experience with Heart Math Tutoring curriculum or previous experience in elementary schools.
  • Has had success in driving student achievement and supporting volunteer tutors.
  • Has supported projects involving attention to detail and precise planning.
  • Has successfully built relationships across lines of diversity.
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • Has access to reliable transportation and has some flexibility and adaptability in work schedule.


  • Makes Student-Centered decisions. - Does what is best for students first, when conflicts arise. Demonstrates passion for Heart’s specific mission. 
  • Shows Gratitude- Celebrates students/ tutors/ donors/ schools and believes working with those stakeholders is a privilege. Celebrates accomplishments and the opportunity to make a positive difference. Is comfortable with and contributes to culture of philanthropy. 
  • Operates with a Growth Mindset- Constantly learns, grows, and adjusts to best advance our mission. Embraces feedback and opportunities for growth. Resourceful. 
  • Demonstrates Precision and Professionalism- Gives top-notch service to our schools and volunteers and precise data/transparency to stakeholders. 
  • Values Civic Engagement- Lives out the belief the community succeeds together by finding ways to volunteer and/or make contributions to the community. 

Commitment to Diversity:

We believe that our differences make our team stronger, and we also know that our students benefit from working with adults from all backgrounds. The team at Heart Math Tutoring is specifically committed to supporting racial equity, both internally and externally, and is in the midst of several trainings and initiatives focused on supporting an inclusive work environment and providing culturally competent support to our students, >90% of whom are people of color. As an equal opportunity employer, Heart Math Tutoring is committed to providing employment opportunities to all qualified individuals and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, marital status, veteran status, pregnancy, parental status, genetic information or characteristics, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. 

10 month (August - May), Full-Time

Resume and Cover Letter are required.

Salary Description
$41,000 - $44,000