Production Operator
Job Type

 Company Background 

Hartzell  Propeller is the leading manufacturer of aircraft propeller systems for  general aviation, supplying propeller systems for aircraft manufacturers  and modifiers around the world. We are a small, team-oriented company  where individual contributions are encouraged and recognized. We are  located in Piqua, Ohio, approximately 25 miles north of Dayton – the  birthplace of aviation. Piqua is a community of 22,000, which offers a  friendly, small-town atmosphere yet is still an easy drive to Dayton,  Columbus and Cincinnati.

Production Operator Responsibilities

Hartzell  Propeller seeks to fill multiple openings in our manufacturing facility  for Production Operators.  The responsibilities of these roles are  varied and present the opportunity to provide essential support to our  manufacturing operations.  The jobs will vary in responsibilities and  the ideal candidate will prefer variation in the work day as it will  include both routine and regular work and special assignments.  The  hired candidate could be assigned to one of several production departments to include Paint, De-Ice, Assembly, Composite and others.

Production Operator Activities

1) Supporting Prop builders and packing the product for shipment

2) Intricate deburring, sanding, and cleaning of complex shapes

3) Entry level equipment maintenance and cleaning of machinery

4) Disassembly, degrease, media blast, and clean propeller components

5) Prepping, painting, and de-masking of propeller components

6) Layup, sewing and soldering of deice boot material

7) Picking and packing of small parts; boxing and crating propeller systems

8) Read, understand, and execute detailed work instructions

9) Accurately hand place composite material patterns over foam cores, precision molds, or   composite work pieces.

10) Other responsibilities as deemed necessary for the success of the operation


 Required Education and Experience

HS Diploma or GED required; experience in a manufacturing facility is a plus

Required Technical Production Operator Competencies

1)  Mechanical Aptitude – demonstrated examples (on the job or outside of  work) showing competency to work with hands.  Might include items such  as body work skills, crate repair, general wrenching ability,  construction work, etc.

2) Manual Dexterity – Ability to perform a job that requires detailed handwork 

3) Experience with Process Standards – Demonstrated ability to read, understand and execute to written instruction

4) Computer Skills – experience with entering and retrieving data from a computer 

Required Behavioral Competencies 

1) Applied Learning - Assimilates and applies new job-related information in a timely manner.

2) Contributes to Team Success – Actively participates as a member of a team to move the team toward the completion of goals.

3) Adaptability – demonstrated flexibility to move to the work; adjusts to changes in work structure, processes and requirements

4)  Manages Work – Effectively manages one’s time and resources to ensure  that work is completed efficiently; utilizes down time to support  completion of other necessary work

5) Energy – willing to work hours as required and do what it takes to get the job done

6)  Quality Orientation – Accomplishes tasks by considering all areas  involved, no matter how small; shows concern for all aspects of the job;  accurately checks processes and tasks; Uses care when handling product  and material.

7) Stress Tolerance – Maintains stable performance  under pressure or opposition handling stress in a manner that is  acceptable to others and to the organization.

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