Automotive Technician - Probilt Automotive - Louisville
Louisville, KY Operations
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Probilt Automotive - Louisville, a full-service auto-repair shop serving the local and surrounding Louisville communities, is looking for a solid C-Level Automotive Technician with a great attitude who takes pride in their work to deliver exceptional vehicle repairs to both our existing and our growing customers. Expect to stay challenged with a wide range of vehicles and complex jobs, while working with a great group of highly motivated and dedicated teammates.


Probilt Automotive - Louisville is part of a larger network of shops supported by GreatWater 360 Auto Care. This partnership gives shops like Probilt Automotive - Louisville a leg up on the competition by providing access to programs, resources, technology, training, and teammate benefits that a typical local shop could not match. All while fostering the local shop culture.



  • GOOD PAY AND BENEFITS – We offer a GREAT pay plan that includes performance-based bonuses so that you get rewarded for your hard work! Our top techs earn $100,000+ per year and we have plenty of work! We also offer a ZERO Contribution Health Plan option available on Day 1, and a 401K with employer match. 
  • HEALTHY WORK-LIFE BALANCE – Paid Time Off, Paid Holidays and a 5-Day Work Week - we close on nights and weekends to promote a healthy work-life balance.
  • TRAINING/CAREER ADVANCEMENT – We are big on personal growth and continuing education for our team and it’s one of our priorities. We sponsor both onsite and offsite training that will make you worth more in the industry and increase your skills.

Probilt Automotive - Louisville located at 4106 Preston Hwy, Louisville, KY 40213 is currently looking for an experienced C LEVEL AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN with outstanding automotive repair & maintenance skills who is willing to grow with our team. Who will be appreciated, respected and well-compensated for your knowledge and skills. Not sure you want to apply just yet? Drop by our shop to check us out and meet the team.

  • Willing to commit to building the customer experience and a shop reputation for honesty, transparency, and outstanding work.
  • An Experienced “C” Level Automotive Technician must have 1 - 3 years Automotive Technician experience or a combination of experience and training for this position.
  • Should have a minimum of 1 current state certification or corresponding ASE certifications.

Salary Description:

$37,440 - $64,610+ per year for a C Level Technician.

Most of our Shops provide Pay Plan Options: Hourly plus Billed Hours Bonus or Flat Rate plus Billed Hours Accelerators