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Georgia Health Initiative is working toward a Georgia in which all people have the opportunity to attain their fullest potential for health. Georgia Health Initiative is building on a solid foundation of two decades of community partnership. Our new strategic framework sets forth an exciting opportunity to bring energy, movement, and drive to the great work already happening around health equity in our state, as well as to new ideas and approaches that we can co-create with our partners.

The Initiative is recruiting for two emerging leaders to join our organization as a part of a Two-Year Fellowship. One Fellow will be supporting the Initiative’s Community Engagement (CE) team, and the other Fellow will be supporting the Initiative’s Health Policy (HP) team.

The purpose of the Initiative’s Fellowship program is to foster professional development and learning among recent graduates who are committed to advancing health equity. Each position will provide the Fellow with exposure to how the philanthropic and broader non-profit sector can play a pivotal role in supporting and advancing systems change to improve community health and wellbeing.

Accordingly, the CE Fellow will be fully integrated as a member of the CE team and support its aim in honoring the wisdom, talents, passion, and resources of our shared community. The Fellow will be responsible for cultivating authentic relationships that foster responsive and culturally relevant community solutions to overcome barriers to equity. As appropriate, the Fellow will represent the Initiative at conferences, meetings, and within other community venues of relevance to the Initiative’s work. Such participation will enhance the Fellow’s own learning and networking and will help inform the ongoing work of the CE Team. Throughout the course of their two-year tenure, the Fellow also will have the opportunity to initiate and pursue a project in alignment with the Initiative’s strategic framework. This individual project will be commenced upon approval by the VP of Community Engagement, who will provide ongoing supervision and support for this and all other work conducted by the Fellow.

Upon completion of the Fellowship, the expectation is that the Fellow will have acquired a deeper understanding of how authentic community engagement is essential to advance health equity, the broader ecosystem of entities in Georgia working toward health equity, as well as greater skills and expertise to equip them for ongoing professional development and achievement.


The anticipated term of this Fellowship will be July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2026



Core Responsibilities

  • Provide programmatic support to the Initiative’s CE team to deepen our organization’s shared understanding of various issues contributing to health inequities facing our community.
  • Provide research assistance to the Initiative’s CE team to support the internal development of projects and initiatives; this may include synthesizing information on health equity topics, approaches taken by philanthropic organizations in other states, or other research that will help inform new and emerging work.
  • Support the CE team in executing the activities necessary to implement and evaluate programmatic efforts that center collaboration, value multiple perspectives, and are focused on systems-level change to advance health equity for Georgians. 
  • Work alongside internal and external stakeholders to synthesize our learnings from our programmatic efforts and create a culture where those learnings meaningfully translate towards more equitable outcomes for directly impacted populations in Georgia.
  • Engage effectively with multisectoral stakeholders around assigned programs, establishing the Initiative as a valued and trusted partner and resource.  

Qualifications of a successful candidate

  • Committed to and passionate about Georgia Health Initiative’s mission to inspire and promote collective action that advances health equity for all Georgians.
  • Experience working with and through collaborative efforts that effectively hold and value multiple truths and perspectives in designing and implementing solutions, such as conducting environmental scans, surveys, and literature reviews.
  • Self-motivated, comfortable balancing multiple priorities and workstreams, remaining flexible and adaptive as project needs change.
  • Demonstrated interest in health equity and community engagement with a working knowledge of the historic and systematic influences that inhibit our community’s ability to reach their fullest potential for health.

Education and Experience

  • A recent graduate, holding a Master of Public Health, Social Work or related field.
  • Relevant volunteer or work experience (including internships) that demonstrate potential to achieve outcomes of the position. 
  • Experience with community participatory research and/or program evaluation preferred but not required.

Workplace Culture 

Our mission is to inspire and promote collective action that advances health equity for all Georgians. Likewise, we wish to inspire and promote collective action within our staff team so that we each evolve and reach our fullest potential-both as a team and individually. We demonstrate our commitment to this aspiration through who we hire, how we value their contributions, and how we work together toward common goals. We value people over process, we encourage decision-making by team members, we share information openly and communicate candidly, and we value both flexibility and accountability.

In complex environments answers emerge when diverse groups work together to create the change Georgians deserve. At the Initiative we believe that cultivating deep and meaningful relationships requires a desire and willingness to be physically present. Georgia Health Initiative expects employees to commit to working from our Atlanta office or in the field with partners the majority of the time, being present for collaboration both planned and impromptu. We also recognize the need for work-life balance, and therefore allow employees flexibility in their daily schedule, including the opportunity to work from home one day per week.

Some workplaces think of their staff as family, we think of our staff as a team. Being part of a high-performing team means caring intensely about your team, stepping up when needed, and cheering on your teammates even when you are not on the field. The Georgia Health Initiative team is equally committee to our work and to each other. We know that when our team wins, Georgians win as well.


The annual salary for this position is $60,000 commensurate with the Initiative’s commitment to salary equity. The Initiative also offers a generous, comprehensive benefits package.

To Apply:

With shared values of courageous leadership, trust, equity, and partnership, the Initiative is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and constantly working toward inclusion. We encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply, especially members of traditionally underrepresented communities, including women, people of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and people who are differently-abled. If you are a solution-seeker, motivated to take an active role in making positive change in Georgia, we want to hear from you.

Please submit your resume and cover letter detailing what health equity means to you and how you might apply your unique experiences, talents, and passion to the work of the Initiative.