Dental Assistant
Job Type


General overview of position:

  • Provide quality care and services to patients by assisting dentists, hygienists, and other staff in a variety of patient care, office and laboratory duties. 
  • Affect the efficiency and productivity of patient flow through timely, accurate and professional preparation of patients and patient information, including taking and processing x-rays and while assisting with treatment. 
  • Care and maintenance of dental instruments, equipment and supplies.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Dental Assistant:

  1. Prepares treatment room for patient by following prescribed procedures and protocols
  2. Prepares patient for dental treatment by welcoming, comforting, seating, and draping the patient
  3. Ensure all patients enjoy a positive experience, and are treated with the care and compassion expected. 
  4. Asking about the patient’s medical history and pre and post op blood pressure, pulse, and glucose (if necessary)
  5. Entering and/or updating patients medical history including reconciling of all medications
  6. Inform patients of planned treatment of the day, obtain consents, and provide pre- and post-operative instructions to patients for all patient procedures.
  7. Assisting the dentist during a variety of treatment procedures
  8. Assist the hygienist in the dental treatment of patients to include seating patients; assisting in chart examination, treatment results on the patient's dental record, and other assignments as requested/required by the hygienist.
  9. Inform dentist/hygienist of any concerns from patient
  10. Documents dental care services by charting in patient records both new and existing treatment
  11. Provides patients with instructions for oral care following oral surgery or other dental treatment procedures, such as placement of a restoration. 
  12. Counsel patients about preventative dental care and nutrition
  13. Provides information to patients and employees by answering questions and requests
  14. Provides instrumentation by sterilizing and delivering instruments to treatment area; positioning instruments for dentist’s access; suctioning, passing instruments
  15. Keep patient’s mouth dry by using suction system
  16. Maintains patient appearance and ability to masticate by fabricating temporary restorations; cleaning and polishing removable appliances.
  17. Taking and developing dental radiographs ( x-rays)
  18. Takes impressions of patient’s teeth for study casts or other lab tasks under the direction of the dentist.
  19. Perform a variety of office management tasks including, but not limited to: referrals, school/work notes, scheduling appointments, verifying benefit eligibility and limitations, etc
  20. Maintains patient confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential
  21. Operatory and instrument infection control; Sterilizing dental instruments and equipment for each patient
  22. Ensure all patient records and related documents are managed and maintained timely, accurately, and consistent with all HIPAA and related regulations and requirements. 
  23. Affect favorable billing and collection outcomes. Ensure all patient services and billing information is collected and submitted timely and accurately. 
  24. Establish favorable working relationships with all team members associated with clinic operations, including dental hygienists, dentists, front desk, interpreters, and other HCCH personnel. 
  25. Uphold and consistently represent the values and mission of the organization at all times.
  26. Represent the organization in a highly professional manner at all times. 
  27. Maintains safe and clean work environment by complying with procedures, rule, and regulations
  28. Protects patients and employees by adhering to infection- control policies and protocols
  29. Ensures operation of dental equipment by completing preventative maintenance requirements; following manufacturer’s instructions; calling for repairs. 
  30. Maintains dental supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies; placing and expediting orders for supplies upon approval of supervisor; and verifying receipt of supplies.
  31. Conserves dental resources by using equipment and supplies as needed to accomplish job results
  32. The assistant will effectively manage their time to effectively prepare for the clinic
  33. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational trainings and required meetings 
  34. Available to travel to other HCCH sites for clinic coverage when needed. 
  35. Other tasks as requested by the dentist or supervisor.

 Preferred Qualifications:Education/Certification/Licensure:

  1. High school diploma or equivalent. 
  2. Radiation safety certification or successful completion of a radiation safety course.
  3. Current dental assisting license or certification, National Certified or Registered Dental Assistant Credentials, preferred.
  4. CPR certification for Health Care Providers, required.
  5. Current vaccination record meeting ACIP Healthcare Workers Recommendations.
  6. Must have strong time-management skills 
  7. Be able to travel to off-site meetings 

Environmental Working Conditions:

  • Usual working environment found in outpatient primary care office settings.  Occasional pressure due to multiple phone calls and patient scheduling.  Exposure to blood products, body fluids, cleaning solutions and medications.

Physical and Mental Requirements:

  • Hearing:  Adequate to perform job duties in person and over the telephone.  Able to use a stethoscope and respond to verbal questions.
  • Speaking:  Must be able to communicate clearly to patients in person and over the telephone.
  • Vision:  Visual acuity adequate to perform job duties; including visual examination of patient and reading information from printed sources and computer screens.
  • Other:  Requires frequent lifting and carrying items weighing up to 30 pounds unassisted, including assisting patients when required.  Adequate physical ability including sufficient manual dexterity to perform requisite health care service.  Requires frequent bending, reaching, repetitive hand movement, standing, walking, squatting and sitting, with some heavy lifting, pushing and pulling exerted regularly throughout a regular work shift.  Requires exposure to communicable diseases and/or bodily fluids.

Salary Description