Executive Director
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JOB SUMMARY: The Executive Director is responsible for the management, direction, and coordination of all operations and related activities for the purpose of attaining the goals and objectives as set forth by the Adoray Board of Directors and Sponsors (Board). The Executive Director will conduct the affairs of the Adoray within the limits of their authority as set forth by this job description and the policies established by the Board. Applications due by July 1st. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

Operational Oversight:

  • Oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services that support the mission.
  • Responsible for all facets of management and planning for Adoray, including staffing, business plan, fiscal management, and fundraising. 
  • Develops community awareness strategies to strengthen and/or expand areas of home health and hospice service.
  • Organizes and supervises the administrative functions of the home health and hospice, including budgeting, accounting, data collection, record maintenance, and employment practices.
  • Arranges and negotiates services provided through contractual agreement.
  • Maintains an ongoing plan for employee orientation, in-service training, and continuing education.
  • Complies with all local, state, and federal legal requirements, and implements corrective action in response to reports of hospice committees and regulatory agencies.
  • Provides guidance and direction to employees reporting to him/her. Ensures staff receives the needed training. Reviews and adjusts staff work duties as required.
  • Implements policies established and plans authorized by the Board for the governance of the Adoray; and, is responsible for advising and formulating those policies and plans. 
  • Assumes responsibility for the Adoray compliance with all regulatory agency requirements. 
  • Develops and implements a plan of organization of personnel and others concerned with the operation of Adoray showing lines or authority, responsibility, and communication. 
  • Organizes the administrative and management functions of Adoray and delegates duties and establishes a formal means of accountability and evaluation of staff. 
  • Adopts and enforces rules and regulations concerning patient's healthcare and safety as well as the protection of their personal and property rights.


  • Serves as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board.
  • Provides regular and timely internal financial statements to the Board that compare performance to budget and to the previous year or other benchmark.
  • Attends personally, or by designee, all meetings of the Board and its committees. 
  • Provides the Board and Board committees with such staff and administrative support and personnel as they may reasonably require. 
  • Responsible for implementing Board policies and plans, as authorized by the Board, for the governance oversight of the Adoray; and for advising and formulating those policies and plans. 
  • Serve as the liaison and channel of communications for all official communications between the Board of Directors.
  • Presents to the Board annually with goals and objectives including but not limited to changes or improvements needed in programs, services, and/or equipment, financial performance, or other recommendations necessary to fulfill the mission and strategic plan of the Medical Center. 
  • Initiates reports to the Board setting forth recommendations on planning, policy, organization, control, and such other details of operations, which, in her opinion, may be necessary or desirable for continuity in the organization.

Strategic Planning:

  • Leads the board and staff in developing a multiyear strategy and upon board approval, leads the staff in implementing the strategy, reviewing progress with the board and staff on a periodic basis.
  • Informs the Board about current trends, problems, and activities in the field to facilitate policy making.
  • Organizes and implements a process for strategic planning.
  • Recommends, develops, and updates the strategic long-range plan to support the Adoray’s philosophy and goals.
  • Oversees the implementation strategies and plans.

Financial Management:

  • Annually, presents the Board with the operating and capital budget in advance of the fiscal year, for Board approval.
  • Promptly notifies the Board of any unbudgeted expenditures in excess of $40,000.00. 
  • Maintains a system of accountability and security for the organization’s financial resources.
  • Updates the Board on key aspects of Adoray’s financial condition.
  • Responds appropriately to situations where financial performance does not meet expectations, i.e. does not align with budget or performance of prior years.
  • Maintain and effectively utilizes an investment policy and strategy that is approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Partners with financial institutions for cash management.
  • Oversees the implementation and management of Adoray’s investment policy.

Human Resource Management:

  • Provides strategic leadership in personnel planning to assure that qualified staff will be available to meet the needs of Adoray.
  • Develops a staffing structure that supports the efficient delivery of programs and services, accomplishment of major goals identified in the strategic plan, and effective overall management.
  • Hires and manages the staff including implementation and ongoing revision of personnel policies approved by the board and managing the staff performance review process.
  • Establishes Adoray’s philosophy and objectives related to staffing and performance standards, policies and procedures, job classifications and compliance with government regulations.
  • Is responsible for selecting, employing, controlling, and discharging employees, and for developing and maintaining personnel policies, records and practices for the Adoray. 
  • Supervises and coordinates the activities of the Adoray personnel. Retains overall responsibility and accountability for performance.
  • Conducts periodic staff meetings with the administrative team and other employees to inform the staff of changes in policy and to resolve problems affecting operating effectiveness.
  • Oversees employee engagement activities and is responsible for conducting and responding to an annual employee engagement survey.


  • Represents the Adoray in its relationships with other health-related and community agencies or organizations. 
  • Maintains professional affiliations and enhances professional growth and development to keep current in the latest trends in homecare.
  • Attends professional meetings and seminars at the local, regional, state, and national level to keep abreast of happenings and developments in matters relating to the administration of health care.
  • Performs other duties within the express or implicit terms of the Executive Director duties that may be necessary for the best interests of the organization.  



Adoray’s Executive Director will pose the following traits and experience:

  • Commitment to current community-resides/willing to relocate to the primary service area.
  • Data-driven.
  • Proven background of setting and achieving goals.
  • Knowledgeable of reimbursement trends and strategy around home health and hospice.
  • Experience working with a Board.
  • Leadership experience of people (as opposed to programs).
  • Proven background of complying with state and federal regulations.
  • Familiarity with fundraising-grants and donations.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Graduation from a recognized college or university with a bachelor's degree in business administration, healthcare administration, or accounting or equivalent is required. 
  • Master's degree in health/ business administration is preferred.
  • Ten or more years of healthcare senior-level administration experience required.  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • High level of attention to detail
  • Ability to work autonomously and make independent judgments.
  • Ability to manage conflicting priorities and handle multiple tasks/projects concurrently
  • Ability to work well as part of a team and independently
  • Exhibit excellent written and verbal communication and organizational skills
  • Exceptional leadership skills
  • Display and promote high standards of ethical conduct and behaviors consistent with organizational standards
Salary Description