School Age Activities Staff After School Care

Come be an Educator with us. Join our Before and After School Age program staff where you will help our children children grow. We are looking for staff who love to work with children and are excited to be role models for our future generation.



Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

• Provides a safe and healthy environment that follows the licensing standards set by DCFS, the educational component, and any  other accreditation standards specific to the program.

• Ensures the children are under proper supervision at all times.

• Relates warmly to all children in a positive manner.  Listens with respect to what they say, making children feel welcome and interacting with them in all activities provided.

• Responds appropriately to the individual needs of the children, recognizes special interests and talents, relates to home cultures and responds proactively to the range of feelings and temperaments.

• Encourages children to make choices and become more responsible.

• Interacts with children to help them learn.

• Uses positive techniques to guide the behavior of children.

• Interacts with families in a positive manner.

• Provides a flexible daily schedule offering security, independence, and stimulation to meet the needs of all children.

• Includes the children in sharing of ideas for planning activities.

• Plans activities that reflect the cultures of the families in the program and the broad diversity of human experience.

• Provides an environment that protects and enhances the health, safety and nutrition of all children.  

• During summer season plans and participates in a wide variety of recreational activities for the school aged child.

• Supervises all activities in and out of the center related to the group.

• Serves as a bus monitor/driver when needed for transporting program participants to and from school.


Personal and Programmatic

• Must be a least 19 years of age and at least five years older than the oldest child within the assigned group.

• Emotional maturity when working with children.

• Respect for children and adults.

• Physical and mental health that do not interfere with child care responsibilities.

Physical Constraints Required Include:

• To hear the conversational voice with or without a hearing aid.

• The ability to see and read newsprint with or without corrective lenses.

• To speak and be understood under normal circumstances.

• To lift and carry children and items weighing up to 50 pounds.