Vidor, TX Warehouse

This position reports to the Shipping Supervisor and is responsible for operating a diesel or propane powered forklift and coil loader primarily to the transfer, warehousing and inventory of wire rod and coiled rebar products from the rolling mill, the shipment of these products to the customer, and the status of products and shipments.

Tools and Equipment: Diesel or propane powered forklift, coil loader, handheld scanner, and necessary computer applications.

Materials: Billets, coiled wire rod, and rebar of various sizes and grades.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities: 

1. Inspects forklifts, coil loaders at the beginning of each shift, services as necessary and reports all discrepancies.

2. Operates forklift to perform several tasks.

3. Maintain traffic flow in the coal storage yard, billing all outbound products by truck, rail and barge.

4. Check each outbound truck load for accuracy. Ensure that all customer requirements have been met as requested on the shipping documentation.

5. Accurately tally and tag all inbound/outbound billets via railcar or trucks.

6. Perform cycle counts according to the posted schedule.