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Skokie, IL Adult Programs

About Keshet

From its core programs for children and adults with intellectual challenges in the Chicago area, to its international consulting work, Keshet serves over 1,000 individuals with disabilities and touches the lives of many more family members, peers, supporters, and other stakeholders around the globe. Keshet’s local leadership, comprised of nearly 100 lay leaders from all walks of life, provide the inspiration, direction, and funding required to fulfill the organization’s mission: to do whatever is necessary to allow individuals with disabilities to achieve their potential.

Position Summary

The Community Coordinator is responsible for the delivery of direct support services to GADOL team members in a manner that respects their needs & enhances their independence & dignity within their environment and community.


Must be at least 21years old

Valid Driver’s License


Bachelors in Business, Rehabilitation, Special Education or a related field


Two years of work experience assisting people with disabilities in the community or in a relevant field (i.e. in a vocational program or teaching in a classroom situation.


Specific Duties:

Provides a stable environment by promoting and attending to the individuals right to respect and dignity, individual choice and input, and health and safety needs at all times.

Assists in discovery process 

Tracks goals of team members on your caseload

Assist team members to access community services and resources, teaching them to be as independent as possible.  

Work collaboratively with local employers, community organizations and service professionals. 

  1. Facilitate/write individualized, person-centered plans that focus on personal objectives and employment.
  2. Assist team members to explore educational, social, recreational resources and employment opportunities
  3. Writes Tlogs and other necessary forms on Therap
  4. Assist team members with food prep, personal health and hygiene needs, while maintaing everyones dignity
  5. Assist team members to obtain training or work-based learning opportunities 
  6. Facilitate in providing accommodations, training, support and integration for team members in the community and at work
  7.   Establish, maintain, and promote excellent working relationships among participants, community sites and employers
  8. Take pride in meeting deadlines and the quality of work they produce
  9. Complete and maintain all certifications as required by the position, DSP and other governing agencies
  10. Responding to emergency and/or crisis situations (may require physical interventions)
  11. Provide systematic instruction with the intention of appropriately fading supports in order to ensure a person’s optimal independence while working
  12. Work cooperatively with others involved in person’s life (i.e. families, case managers, QIDP, etc.).
  13. Talk or communicate with others in an effective manner




Skills Required:


Strong critical thinking & analytical skills.

Exceptional teaching and organizational skills

Ability to relate to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families.

Self-directed but willing to work in a team orientation setting.

Understands & demonstrates ethical behavior & practices.

Ability to build & maintain positive working relationships w/ others.

Effective communication skills.


Patient, reliable, compassionate, able to work independently and adaptable. 

Ability to prepare written reports using proper punctuation, spelling and grammar

Work cooperatively & effectively w/ others to set goals, resolve problems & make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness.

Problem Solving – assess problem situations to identify causes, gather & process relevant information, generate possible solutions & make recommendations and/or resolve the problem.

Adaptability – demonstrate a willingness to be flexible, versatile and/or tolerant in a changing work environment while maintaining effectiveness & efficiency.

Be respectful & follow Jewish culture & guidelines set forth in personnel manual. 

Strong communications skills, verbal and written

Proficient computer skills 

Ability to represent program participants and program services in a professional manner

Physically assist people to perform various tasks (i.e. getting materials from a backpack, type a resume, etc.)

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