Sponsored Residential Provider

Support Services of Virginia continuously recruits new Sponsored Residential Providers who want to open their homes for multi-year placements of one or two adults with intellectual disabilities.  Our Sponsored Residential Providers are committed to helping others become active members of the community in a natural setting.

Support Services of Virginia is happy to contract with individuals, couples, partners or family groups (mother/daughter, etc). However, we prefer sponsor families who do not have any children younger than 12 years old.  Sponsored Residential Providers must be 21 or older and have a HS diploma or GED.  Sponsored Residential Providers should be active and engaged in the community. Sponsored Residential Provider candidates must have at least 6 months experience (career or life experience) working with people with Intellectual Disabilities – preferably adults.  If you do not meet these requirements, we may be able to offer you options to work as a Direct Support Professional in one of our other programs to gain the experience.  It is possible for a relative of someone eligible for sponsored services to become a sponsor for them.  However, there are stricter guidelines for qualifying than for those who sponsor non-related adults. Sponsored Residential Providers should be comfortable functioning in an electronic environment and have strong writing skills.

Becoming a Sponsored Residential Provider means that you will be opening a small business as a sub-contractor with Support Services of Virginia; sponsors are not employees. This role requires exceptional levels of personal responsibility, yet it can provide opportunities for greater self-determination and chances to share your own joys and interests. Sponsored Residential Providers are responsible for all aspects of the person’s support needs. Support Services of Virginia has a steady stream of adults looking for sponsored homes and we are careful about matching people with homes that share their interests.


• Provide detailed information about your lifestyle. 

• Spend as long as 3 months to become fully certified.

• Complete needed trainings, offered at no cost to you.

• Cooperate with guidelines for your house to become a licensed site.

• Celebrate diversity; accept people who may have a wide variety of personalities and needs.