Jail Liaison (Peer Support)
Tucson, AZ Tucson

*This position requires the candidate to have lived experience (personal or through a family member) with the criminal justice system.


Working in the Pima County  and the community, promotes a recovery based approach to member care that emphasizes hope, respect, self-direction and empowerment by providing peer support, education on community resources and other supportive services, to aid in members’ recovery from mental illness and/or addiction disorders. Guidance and direction is provided by the Site Director and/or the Chief Clinical Officer.

Essential Duties

• Coordinate with Pretrial Services to identify individuals released at Initial Court Appearance.

• Meet with individuals before and after court to engage, provide peer support and complete needs assessment.

• Offer peer support to members engaged with a Health Home to connect with Health Home upon release and participate in services. Refer to HOPE Inc. as applicable.

• Conduct AHCCCS eligibility screening and complete an AHCCCS application if applicable.

• Connect individual not receiving behavioral health services with HOPE Inc. and/or a Health Home as applicable. Assist member in making intake appointment.

• Obtain Release of Information to include member/potential member support system, as applicable.

• Conduct a review of Social Determinants of Health and identify opportunities to address areas of concern.

• Works with member to navigate and use community resources in an effective manner.

• Conduct follow up calls post release with members/potential members until next court date to ensure member is getting needed supports and remind of court obligations.

• Promotes HOPE, Inc. as the premier peer support organization to the behavioral health community and prospective funding sources.

• Relates own recovery process in a positive and supportive manner through coaching, role modeling and mentoring in order to assist members in developing skills to achieve their goals.

• Completes documentation in tracking spreadsheets in accordance with agency and funding source requirements.

• Advocates for members, as needed, to ensure delivery of necessary services.

• Performs other related duties in accordance with agency growth, departments, and changes.



• At least 21 years of age

• High School/GED

• 2 years’ behavioral health experience or AA or Bachelor’s degree in a behavioral health field preferred.

• Must have first- hand knowledge of a behavioral health condition or substance abuse issue, having received treatment or medication personally OR identify as a family member of someone in recovery

• Demonstrate strong leadership and organizational skills

• Ability to implement organization-wide activities (setting objectives, developing strategies, developing policies and procedures for programming, and organizing the functions necessary to accomplish the activities)

• Valid Arizona Driver’s license, Driver’s license is an essential requirement for performing duties for this position with a Clean Motor Vehicle Record - no more than 2 moving violations or a license suspension in past 3 years.

• Current 1st Aid and CPR certification

• Proof of TB within the last year

• Candidate must have first-hand knowledge of the criminal justice system (peer or family member).