3rd Shift (10p - 6a) Lead Press Operator/Lead Oiler Combo position

Lead Press Operator                                   

Job Summary:  Learn to set up, operate, and maintain Sierra Bullets Lead extrusion press, winding equipment and stress relief oven.

Job Title: Lead Oiler                                                         

Job Summary:  Lead Oiler must have an understanding of all lead wire oiling processes used at Sierra Bullets. Lead Oil Operator is required to perform various preventive maintenance procedures on lead oiling and winding equipment


Essential Functions of the Job (listed in order of importance):

1. Knowledge of measuring equipment, Calipers, Micrometers, etc.

2. Knowledge of decimals, and fractions.

3. Cross train as a Lead Press Operator.

Marginal Job Functions: (if applicable) 

1. Knowledge of lead contamination and good hygiene.

2. Close attention to detail work.

Skills Required to Perform the Duties of the Job: 

1. Able to keep accurate records for production and inventory purpose’s.

2. Able to perform tool and machine part adjustments.

3. Exhibit safe work practice and good housekeeping skills.

Educational Requirements Needed to Perform the Duties of the Job: 

1. High school diploma/ GED or skilled trades

2. Score of 35 or higher on the Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test.

Physical Requirements to Perform the Duties of the Job: 

1. Able to lift 80lbs. Pushing and Pulling 40lbs.

2. Able to stand, twist, bend for long periods of time.

Experience Required to Perform the Duties of the Job: 

1. Mechanical Background.

2. Manufacturing of some sort.

Licensing or Other Special Certifications Required: 

1. Able to pass fork truck certification.