Licensed Practical Nurse (Full-time)
Covington, LA Health Services

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Nature of Work:

Work in this class includes assisting the Director of Clinical Services, the Registered Nurse, and the Center Physician in providing medical services to youth detained at Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center, in a manner consistent with Center policies and procedures and ACA standards.

Illustrative Examples of Work:

The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN):

  • Provides initial health screening for youth upon admission, or within 24-72 hours of admission.
  • Forwards requests to the appropriate staff for medical records from outside sources (physicians, schools, clinics, hospitals, etc.) needed to assist in medical treatment. Consults primary care physician when necessary to obtain information relating to the health care of youth.
  • Assesses and addresses chronic medical needs of detained youth (e.g., asthma, diabetes, etc.)
  • Arranges for convalescent or chronic care when needed; assesses the need for and makes arrangements for specific health related equipment (e.g., crutches, prosthetics, etc.)
  • Conducts sick call as scheduled.
  • Makes referrals to the Center Physician, outside specialists, etc., as needed.
  • Arranges for off-site health care, visits with specialists, etc., as needed.
  • Assists the physician in conducting weekly physical examinations of youth referred for sick call.
  • Maintains youth health records and is responsible for the integrity of the records.
  • Maintains inventory of the medical room and forwards orders for stock supplies to the Program Clerk for ordering.
  • Responsible for maintenance of all First Aid kits, and for periodic inventory of the kits.
  • Communicates with Operations Department, Educational, Clinical Services, Food Services staff as needed to ensure comprehensive care for detained youth.
  • Maintains statistical reports on delivery of health care services; reviews policies and procedures relative to health care services.
  • Responsible for development of forms, reports, etc., used in the health services operations.
  • Reviews and files all medical records, including medication records, error reports, and refusal forms.
  • Provides in-service training for FPJDC staff regarding administration of medication, medical records, screening, and other health-related issues.
  • Provides health education to detained youth, either one-on-one, or as a group.
  • The LPN reports to the RN Supervisor or Center Physician on all medical matters and to the Director of Clinical Services on all administrative matters.



  • Must be licensed in the State of Louisiana as a Licensed Practical Nurse.
  • Must have at least three years of experience as well as one to three 3 years of clinical experience. In addition, Pediatric experience is preferred.
  • possess a valid Louisiana Driver’s License
  • have a high school diploma/GED


Candidates MUST successfully complete all pre-employment requirements, as listed at

These include:

  • Diana Screen
  • criminal background check
  • drug and health screen

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