WEST BEND, IA Manufacturing

RESULTS STATEMENT – I am responsible for producing the following result:  

Production Associate II is responsible for performing general plant manufacturing work assignments in a safe and efficient manner, complying with government regulations, company policy, safety procedures, food safety practices & other company requirements.  Additionally, it is expected that P II will proactively foster a positive work environment and demonstrate flexibility in work assignments and schedule while learning and contributing to the company’s success.

WORK LISTING - Essential Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Responsible for a variety of production related duties mainly focusing in the pastry, cake, co-pak or cookie dough areas.  Examples of tasks required include:

• Braiding or otherwise manually manipulating the dough on the assembly line 

• Applies sugar to cakes or inspects and corrects filling application to cakes. 

• Performing quality checks at various stages of production (i.e., visual check of braid/packaging/etc., checking printing on boxes, weighing dough, etc.)

• Packaging braids, cookies or other product (i.e., placing frozen braids and frosting packets on line to go into packager)

• Boxing product according to specifications and insuring proper box tape for product type and confirming box printing

• Stocking supplies (i.e., changing packaging film, changing box tape, placing box of frosting packets into position, filling fruit and dough hoppers and necessary, making up boxes, etc.)

• Stacking boxes on pallet and preparing pallet for storage (i.e., shrink wrapping pallet, attaching proper documentation, etc.)

• Prepare production paperwork documentation as required

• Assist with miscellaneous tasks including operating dishwasher to wash buckets and other equipment, processing irregular/light/other rejected braids, moving product, etc.

• Cleaning (i.e., sweeping, washing, sanitizing, disposing of garbage/cardboard, etc.)

• Positions frequently involve rotation between various tasks coordinated with other employees.  

• Has been trained on and understands requirements for chemical use, can operate machinery and hoses in the wash bay and understands Lockout/Tagout/Emergency Stop procedures.  

• Understands and is proficient in line start-up for cake and/or pastry and Cookie line.  

• Operates the Fuji, including changing rolls and starting and stopping the machine to troubleshoot issues.  

• Operates the packager, including producing efficiently and accurately producing product, editing or scrapping product and closing the job at the end of the shift.  

• Reports any problems or concerns to the Supervisor

• Recommends suggestions/improvements/opportunities for improving production, quality, working conditions, safety, etc.

• Allows flexibility in schedule to meet company needs.

• Performs other duties as directed.


• This position is classified as hourly, non-exempt which means that employees are paid an hourly rate for their hours worked.  

• This position is regularly performed during first shift or day shift, but this is subject to change.

• Employees scheduled for 8 hours will receive a 30-minute unpaid lunch period and two paid 15-minute breaks – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

• This position reports directly to the appropriate team leader or other management representative as designated for the area and/or responsibilities assigned.



• The ability to actively foster a positive work environment. This includes promoting positive interactions among coworkers and aiding in the reduction of negative and/or disrespectful employee interactions.

• The ability to demonstrate flexibility with regard to being trained and able to work in all departments as related to production or sanitation.

• The ability to read, comprehend, and abide by company policies, procedures, safety guidelines and government regulations.

• The ability to walk, rotate, speak, hear, clean, carry, open, stand, bend over, stoop, push, pull, reach, work on their feet for long periods of time, lift and move items up to 60 pounds.

• The use of good body mechanics with regard to physical performance of work (i.e., proper lifting, etc.)

• The ability to follow directions and communicate with co-workers in an appropriate manner as to problems and issues encountered affecting production and/or job performance.

• Be reliable (on time, have good “Say-Do” ratio)

• Maintaining confidentiality of company and proprietary information.

• Demonstrate good housekeeping (i.e., keep work area neat and tidy, pick up after yourself, etc.)

• Demonstrate good initiative, which is being able to find things that need to be done and perform them without specific direction.

• Be flexible and be willing to change and make changes as the organization evolves.

• Be able to work effectively with others to create a positive working environment.

• Learn about the business and help contribute to employee ownership culture.