Quality Inspector



  • Responsible that all QC      Paperwork is properly filled out according to each Work Order
  • Responsible to verify all      labor has been scanned to the work order from Previous Operations
  • Upload the Quality pictures      and/or videos to the Work Orders in Visual ERP data base. 
  • Print the USCG Capacity      Plates and insure that the correct one is installed in each boat. 
  • Physically      check every boat before get wrap conduct QA Plan insure inspector initial      on QC pages/ re-verify sale/work order before handing those to shipping      supervisor 
  • .Constantly      check and communicate re-works on units that already inspected snap      picture of re-work diagram to rig /weld supervisor following up      &direct rig re-work team to insure time efficiency. 
  • Record and report types of      defects and mistake to help management determine root causes
  • .      continuously check in with inspector to insure if any support needs it      such as training 
  • adjustment      on picklist
  • replacement      of defect part
  • missing      parts 
    • ensure time       efficiency of inspect& clean personal 

Redirect inspector on engine inspect Ditch boats. 

Redirect cleaner on Lean Housekeeping: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardized, Sustain 

  • .Communicate      daily/weekly production schedules and goals to team
  • Monitor maintaining clean, safe work      area maintaining utilizing UPKEEP maintenance management system      prioritizing tasks by order of importance.
  • Responsible      for all employees following the work schedule:

Arrive on time, maintain work and pace clean through the day.

  • .communication      of daily toolbox talks that focus on 1. Safety 2. Quality 3. Production 
  • Monitor      "RIG-INSPECT REPROT "daily and facilitate communication between      warehouse and rig as necessary to complete boats as expeditiously as      possible
  • monitor QC tools and consumable cabinet      tools 
  • response email related to daily      production enquiry on timely manner 


Good safety habits

Good attendance

Ability to work with others in a team atmosphere

Attention to details related to quality and cleanliness.