Machine Learning- AI Engineer/Scientist

Current Openings: Entry Level

Vadum is seeking a Signal Processing Engineer/Scientist to develop machine learning and complex signal processing algorithms. The individual should be capable of playing a key role in a variety of machine learning and algorithm development for next-generation applications; in radar, communications, and electronic warfare.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Participate in the development of innovative detection, estimation and classification algorithms and techniques for advanced applications.
  • Develop signal processing algorithms, waveforms and techniques that exploit and optimize radar, radio and EW architectures that take advantage of advanced radio frequency and processing technology.
  • Perform concept and performance trade studies and demonstrate developed capabilities for streaming data applications.
  • Develop prototype, and test sensor models and signal processing algorithms in detailed high-fidelity simulations written in C/C++, and MATLAB.
  • Operate with broad direction and minimal supervision.
  • Interact with customers and development partners.


Skills & Experience Required:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, must be able to communicate and document, prepare and give briefings to Program managers.
  • Develop and prototype algorithms.
  • Knowledge of programming languages (such as C/C++, MATLAB, Python, Simulink).
  • Ability to contribute in a team environment to develop creative solutions to technical challenges.
  • Coursework and/or experience with digital signal processing, probability theory, stochastic signal processing and machine learning.

Knowledge of any of the following desired:

  • Electronic Warfare systems.
  • Radar, waveforms, radar signal processing.
  • Communication Simulators, Communications Jamming.
  • Wireless communication systems.
  • Knowledge of Kalman filtering, CNN, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, Adaptive Neural Networks, Belief Propagation, other machine learning algorithms.

Education Required: BS or above in Engineering, Physics or Mathematics or related

Eligibility: This position requires a Dept. of Defense security clearance and is therefore open only to:

  • United States Citizens

The Department of Defense handles and adjudicates the security clearance process, there are costs for the applicant. Security clearance factors include allegiance to the US, foreign influence, foreign preference, criminal conduct, security violations and drug involvement.