Junior Electronics Engineer

1. Research, design, develop, and test the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment and computer hardware for use in commercial aviation products. 2. Research, design, develop, and test manufacture and installation of computer hardware, including computer chips. 3. Prepare technical specifications to ensure that installation and operations conform to standards and requirements. Perform detailed calculations to compute and establish installation standards or specifications. 4. Design, implement, and maintain electrical equipment, components, and systems. 5. Design and test printed circuit board layout and component library management. 6. Assist in identifying components for board populating and database management. 7. Prototyping test boxes, fixtures, and initial board population. 8. Develop test procedures and fixtures to assist in board development. 9. Develop test procedures and fixtures for production boards. 10. Design DC power distribution for aircraft systems. Create EMI filters to reduce noise from DC motors. 11. Supports system test lab for product development. (ACC-1)


EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, or foreign equivalent

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Position requires completion of college-level coursework in the following: 1) Electronics for Wireless Systems; 2) Microelectronics; 3) Programming Digital Systems; 4) Digital Logic; and 5) Digital Signal Processing.


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