Parts Technician

Job Overview:

We are seeking a responsible Parts Integrity Controller. In this position your primary duty is to serve as a parts technician for this unit. You will be responsible for the disassembly of computing devices (Primarily laptops/chrome books) in addition to researching future parts needs for the company. Your understanding of the devices that are covered by Virtucom’s ADP warranty is critical to the success of your role. You will represent the company in a professional manner aiming for 100% customer satisfaction and high resolution rates.


  • Parts Integrity Controller are required to be knowledgeable of various hardware related to the device they are repairing/disassembling.
  • PIC are to understand the notes gathered by field technicians to understand trends of the equipment they commonly see from a customer needing repairs.
  • PIC are required to disassemble / reassemble computers using various types of hand tools.
  • PIC will be required to be knowledgeable and organized of the various hardware related to the devices that Virtucom services.
  • Developing and maintaining of parts log / parts inventory
  • Maintains data found on various portals that Virtucom uses.
  • Develops, recommends and implements new methods to become more efficient.
  • PIC will be tasked to build out the components needed per model, build out part numbers list and document various sources where these parts can be purchased from.
  • Importing/updating of various parts into Virtucom portals.
  • Ensure that min/max for parts locker are understood and enforced.
  • Monitors requests from the various repair units of Virtucom.
  • Being proactive by having parts ready on hand and implementing a just-in-time form of productivity.



  • Must have strong team working skills in addition to working interdependently
  • Self motivated and driven to meet or exceed daily expectations
  • Able to request for help, follow instructions and accept constructive criticism
  • Ability to operate hand truck and pallet jack
  • Ability to lift or move products (No more than 20lbs)
  • Understanding of how computers and the various components interactions
  • Strong knowledge of MS Windows operating systems/Chrome OS
  • Strong knowledge of Google suite of applications, MS Windows operating systems/Chrome OS/MS Office
  • Sense of urgency to meet or exceed service level agreements (SLA), and must possess good communication and customer satisfaction skill