VFX Artist
Fully Remote Madison Wi, Austin Tx,

Lost Boys Interactive is a growing game development studio based in Madison, Wisconsin and

Austin, Texas providing top-tier co-development services for PUBG, Zenimax, and 2K Games,

as well as creating our own game projects.

We have world-class projects, resources, and infrastructure, but our company’s success comes

from the talented and passionate people who work together each day to produce great games

together. We are currently looking for the next great VFX Artists to join our team and expand our


Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Works closely with the Art Director to keep quality and style consistent across all projects.
  • Create FX for characters and environments under art director's supervision.
  • Collaborate with team members of other disciplines to meet milestone goals. 
  • Work closely with production to define deliverables and communicate expectations to the team
  • Creating textures for particle usage
  • Assists in R&D efforts.
  • Assembles, edits, and optimizes FX in UE4, Maya, Popcorn and other custom engines.
  • Understanding of memory and performance limitations
  • Troubleshoots technical and artistic issues. 

What you bring to our island:

  • 3+ years experience.
  • Online portfolio displaying a variety of FX.
  • Scripting experience Blueprint or other.
  • Experience shipping titles using Unreal Engine Niagara.
  • Experience with UE4 Materials
  • Strong understanding of video games development in Unreal but is not limited to. 
  • Experienced in using Adobe packages Photoshop and After Effects..
  • Abilities in a secondary area such as modeling, skinning, animation, or lighting
  • Houdini FX experience a plus.
  • Can effectively collaborate with game designers and programmers.
  • Ability to receive feedback
  • Strong cross-functional communications skills; verbal, written and visual.

Preferred Qualifications & Skills:

  • Understanding of lighting in Unreal.
  • Understanding of Photogrammetry
  • Marvelous Designer experience