Unit Director- Community Based


Manages overall daily operations of designated after-school site with the primary concern for programs and service delivery, supervision and training of staff, community relations and membership administration. This encompasses planning, coordinating, implementing, and supervising all Club program personnel (which includes ongoing recruitment and retention of a specified number of part time staff members). Certain administrative duties also fall within the After School Site Director responsibilities.



  • Recruits and retains a specific number of part-time staff (teachers/youth development specialist) necessary for quality Boys & Girls Clubs program implementation and school programs. Provides guidance and development for part-time staff.  Prepare newly hired staff to work with program participants, help frontline staff members understand their roles, and contribute to a positive work culture.
  • Develop and coordinate programs that are evidence-based and align with the Boys & Girls Clubs goals and objectives to strengthen academic success in members.  
  • Forge strong ties with all School personnel (Principal, Teachers, Staff, etc) by attending school events trainings, and having professional interactions at all times. 
  • Maintain a presence during the school day to establish a strong link between day time and after school time; connect the school day to after-school activities by maintaining consistency in daily procedures and a continuous level of communication that serves to identify and address the academic needs of program participants.
  • Responsible for vital paperwork being completed i.e. reports, attendance, incident reports, new employee paperwork etc. 
  • Understands and assures the implementation of organizational policies, procedures, and goals while maintaining a safe, positive environment necessary for youth development. 

Prepare Youth for Success

  • Utilize the Youth Development Strategy to maintain a positive behavioral environment. Reports severe infractions to the Area Director and parents/guardians when applicable, understands and applies child and adolescent development principles. 
  • Communicates with a strength based approach to develop positive relationships with all youth.
  • Respects and honors cultural and human diversity.
  • Identifies potential risk and protective factors for youth.
  • Demonstrates the qualities of a positive role model.
  • Interacts in a way that supports asset building.

Resource Management

  • Coordinates (with the school administration) the use of building facilities for agencies contracted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida to provide additional after-school activities.
  • Pursues relationships with community members and local businesses to provide additional resources and support to program components. 
  • Collection and analyses of data required by the Boys & Girls Clubs, the Duval County Public School System. These types of data include, but are not limited to: daily attendance, average monthly attendance, membership totals, session attendance, class attendance, student demographics, ages served and activities offered.

Strategic Planning

  • Plans and manages after-school programs at his/her sites which meet minimum program delivery standards. 

Partnership Development

  • Act as a community liaison to involve families and the community with the Afterschool Program.
  • Work collaboratively with partner agencies.

Marketing Public Relations

  • Creates a positive image of the After School Program in the community by marketing and publicizing the After School Program and by networking with relevant community organizations.
  • Membership Administration
  • Maintain Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Goal assigned for designated site, set at the beginning of each school year. Monitor fluctuation of the ADA and address sudden drops in enrollment.  If the site is not at capacity, implement strategies that work towards the increase in ADA by 5 members per month.

Community Relations

  • Organize and/or collaborate with the school on social events. Each event should have elements of showcasing the activities that take place during the After School Program.
  • Participate in school functions, trainings, and other opportunities that strengthen the ties of After School Program and the school day.
  • Provide exceptional communication and support will all outside community individuals (volunteers, partners, speakers, etc) that provide services to the students attending the After School Program. Ensure partner stewardship by responding to concerns promptly and implementing best practices.

Programs and Services

  • Oversee the planning, coordination, implementation, supervision and evaluation for all program curriculums:
  • Incorporate site specific curriculum (Enrichment Clubs) that will address social issues and interests that are specific to designated site. Provide expectations and guidance to staff on the program creation and delivery.
  • Other Duties Assigned & Summer Duties
  • Assist in the development and program implementation of grant funded programs.



  • A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university, or equivalent experience is required. 
  • Preferred 3-5 years’ experience in developing and implementing youth guidance and development programs. 
  • Must also be certified in CPR and first aid.
  • Management skills are necessary. Proven ability to supervise Club staff and volunteers.
  • Knowledge of (and access to) community organizations and assistance agencies are required.
  • Must possess excellent written and verbal skills.
  • Must have the ability and desire to work with youth in a variety of environments. 
  • Must have the ability to work independently and efficiently without direct supervision
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