Class A Driver Service Technician

Carbon Activated Corporation, headquartered in Compton, California,  is seeking Class A Drivers with a tanker endorsement who are interested in working as service technicians.

This position requires hard work, while focusing on safety and efficiency.  25% of the job is driving, the other 75% is performing filter media change outs, which means working with water and air systems to make our communities cleaner.

Service Technicians are paid a base hourly rate. In addition, certain jobs will offer prevailing wages which can be more than double base pay. New hires will have limited access to prevailing wage jobs, but more come with experience. 

Our employees regularly make overtime, and are paid a large per-diem while traveling. We offer benefits as well.

Our current team of service technicians are very experienced and many have been with the company for a long time. 

We will train you how to do the job by working alongside professionals who take their job seriously.

This position is great for people with a passion for fitness, are open-minded, and are willing to be flexible and go where the company needs you with short notice.


The base hourly rate is negotiable, but you are given a full-time 40 hour week plus overtime opportunities.


Class A License

Tanker Endorsement

Willingness to do physical work

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