Discharge Care Coordinator

Salary Range: $21.76-26.94 per hour plus benefits

Full/Part-time: Full Time

Purpose of Position:

Help members smoothly transition from inpatient services to outpatient services. Participate in clinical staffing’s as support and advocate for the member. Be the point of contact for coordination during the next 90 days of member’s discharge. Assist member with increasing their natural supports and finding community resources and completes all documentation daily.

Essential Functions:

· Complete hospital visits, engage member while inpatient, and complete home visits.

· Participate in the discharge planning staffing with the inpatient team, outpatient team, and member.

· Schedule the member for STAR day services and titrate them down as stability and community supports increase.

· Arrange and/or provide transportation.

· Make phone calls to member for engagement.

· Coordinate with the clinical team.

· Assist member in determining personal interests and finding community based non-clinical activities that fulfill their interests. 

· Assist member in advocating for their needs.

· Complete documentation in a timely manner.

· Attend staff meetings and training classes.

· Other duties as assigned



GED or HS Diploma  Required

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

·  Must be able to handle several tasks at once

·  Good communication and follow-up skills

·  Must demonstrate excellent rapport with members

·  Proficient computer/typing skills

Other requirements:

· Self-identify as a Peer by the International Association of Peer Supporters (INAPS) 

or Mental Health America definition and/or have (or have had a history) of a 

Mental Health/Behavioral Health or Substance Use/Abuse Diagnosis  

· At least 21 years of age

· Valid AZ Driver’s License  

· Criminal Background Verification   

· Pre-Hire and Random Drug/Alcohol Screening

- Covid-19 Vaccination