Traffic Specialist
Tulsa, OK A&E Production

Responsible for supporting departmental production by distributing projects to production teams, tracking and steering project progress from start to completion, and interfacing with Project Managers, Program Managers, and Production Management to ensure that production is in alignment with client deadlines and expectations.

Essential Functions (Key Responsibilities):

1. Project Distribution – Distribute project assignments to production teams within the group and India teams, as necessary, to ensure alignment with deadlines and balanced workloads between assigned parties

2. Scheduling & Tracking – Create and maintain accurate records of project progress from start to completion and a Master Schedule to ensure alignment with deadlines and to provide timely information to Project, Program, and Production Managers

3. Project Management Interfacing – Communicate regularly with Project and Program Managers to ensure alignment and adjust project distribution as necessary to meet client demands

4. Internal Prompting – Relay relevant project status information to Production Teams, Production Management, Project Coordination, and Project and Program Management in order to prompt appropriate actions and drive the production process

5. Production Analysis – Analyze project scheduling and completion data and report to Production, Project, and Program Management to ensure understanding of production flow rates and current workload balance

6. Perform related responsibilities as required or assigned with a sense of urgency



Logistical Ability – Proven ability to plan, schedule, and track multiple projects simultaneously 

Communication Skills – Exceptional oral and written communication skills, with the ability to prepare and deliver concise, understandable reports and assignments while developing rapport with internal working groups

Informational Leadership – Proven ability to leverage information to drive processes and production cycles

Organization – Exceptionally organized, with the ability to locate and provide information quickly from different sources and for various purposes

Analytical Skills – Examine problems carefully and completely so that they may be resolved efficiently

Computer Skills – Proficiency in the use of personal computer software, including spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation software

Equivalent Education/Experience

• Bachelor’s Degree OR 

• Associates Degree required with a minimum of 3 years of experience in the Wireless Telecommunications Industry OR

• Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience in the Wireless Telecommunications Industry. 

• Experience with production coordination or project management required

Special Job Dimensions:

Work requires adherence to tight deadlines, occasional overtime, and communication with multiple parties across various levels of the organization.

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