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The Residential Direct Support Professional provides residential supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. Supports are provided in the home (group home) and in the community. The DSP strives to assure the health and safety of persons served while also encouraging them to take reasonable risks to foster growth and independence. The DSP participates in person-centered planning and assists individuals in achieving their goals as noted in the Service Plan (SP) The DSP facilitates a full range of services and supports, with the nature and complexity of duties depending on the behavioral, medical and personal care needs of the individuals served. The DSP takes the lead role in coordinating residential services and serves as the primary link between the residential setting, other STRIVE staff and community service providers.


Job functions are considered essential (all individuals in this position must be able to complete these duties with or without reasonable accommodation) unless otherwise denoted in italic type. Duties noted in italic type may be reassigned by a supervisor.

1. MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION. Maintains QMAP certification in good standing. Assists, supervises and supports individuals in taking medications and completing treatments, in accordance with applicable policies, procedures and regulations. Assures that medications are stored in accordance with applicable regulations and policies. Assures that medications (prescription and over-the-counter) are available in adequate supplies to meet individual needs. Assures that there is a current physician order for all medications and that the order is correctly reflected on the medication administration record. Completes and documents counts on all medications as required. Assures medications are properly labeled and correctly disposes of expired or discontinued medications. Assures that medication administration records are accurate and complete. Maintains the first aid kits.

2. MEDICAL CARE/TREATMENT. Ensures that individuals receive appropriate and timely medical care and treatment (routine and emergency). Assures timely follow-through on all medical orders. Assures that all medical appointments are documented in accordance with applicable policies, procedures and regulations. Adheres to all individual care plans and protocols. Assures that medical records are maintained in accordance with applicable policies and regulations.

3. RESPONSE TO EMERGENCIES. Recognizes and responds appropriately to medical, behavioral and other emergencies as well potential abuse, neglect, mistreatment or exploitation. Accesses emergency support from supervisor, on-call supervisor or other administrative staff as appropriate and/or as required by policy. If necessary, arranges emergency medical transportation, and assures necessary information accompanies the individual. Makes appropriate notifications, documents and reports emergencies as required by applicable policies, procedures and regulations.

4. SUPERVISION OF INDIVIDUAL. Ensures that individuals are supervised at home and in the community in accordance with individual requirements. Assures proper supervision of others individuals visiting the group homes on either a respite or social basis.

5. SAFETY. Corrects and/or brings to attention of supervisory or administrative staff any unsafe conditions in or around the residence. Secures the residence or assists individual in securing residence when no one is home. Conducts and documents fire and other emergency drills as assigned. Regularly checks smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire alarms. Knows the location of and is able to use fire safety equipment, first aid kit and personal protective equipment. Locates and reviews emergency procedures. Provides training to individuals in safety-related issues.

6. SERVICES AND SUPPORTS. Assists Program Coordinator with annual assessment of individual strengths and needs, including participating in Personal Outcome Measures interview and Natural Support Mapping. In conjunction with the individual, makes recommendations for goals and ISP’s. Implements and documents ISPs, Behavior Support Plans and other protocols as required. Notifies Program Coordinator of any needed changes.

7. THERAPY SERVICES. Adheres to all therapy protocols (bathing, feeding, positioning, diet texture, etc.). Implements therapy programs as written and at the required frequency.

8. RECREATION/LEISURE. Supports individual participation in leisure/recreation activities in accordance with the interests of the individual and within available resources. Assists individuals with contacting and facilitating visits and activities with family and friends. Documents participation in recreation/leisure activities and family visits.

9. PERSONAL CARE. Assures that individuals receive assistance, training and support with personal care as dictated by individual needs. This includes personal hygiene (bathing, toileting, changing Attends, dental care, dressing, etc.) and grooming activities (shaving, nail clipping, hair care, clothing selection, etc.). Assists individuals with shopping for personal care items.

10. BEHAVIOR SERVICES AND SUPPORTS. Responds to and documents behavioral challenges/concerns in accordance with established behavior support plans and STRIVE policies and procedures. Participates in the development of Behavior Support Plans. Implements and documents Behavior Support Plans, Safety Control plans and Suspensions of Rights as written. Assists individuals in learning to respond to problems and resolve disagreements in a productive manner. Conducts in-house problem solving meetings as necessary.

11. NUTRITIONAL AND DIETARY SUPPORT. Plans or assists individuals in planning nutritionally sound menus and preparing nutritionally sound meals. Accommodates individual preferences, cooking abilities and dietary requirements (e.g., diabetic, low sodium, etc.). Supports individuals to adhere to recommended or prescribed diets. Assures groceries and other household items are purchased as needed and stored in a manner that allows ongoing access by all persons unless such access is restricted in accordance with regulations and is documented in the Service Plan. Assists in feeding individuals when necessary. Serves family-style meals, assists individuals in making good choices both nutritionally and with regard to portion size, models appropriate table skills and encourages social interaction. Assures that individuals participate in menu planning, preparing and serving meals and cleaning up after meals.

12. ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY. Assists individuals in obtaining and using devices and adaptations that allows the individual to maximize independence and self-reliance. Assures that individuals’ personal adaptive equipment is clean and maintained in good repair.

13. FACILITY REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE. Reports any observed problems with the condition of the residence in a timely fashion. Submits work orders as needed. Facilitates minor repairs as able. Assures that appropriate cleanliness standards are met. Assures that furnishings and equipment maintained in good repair. Purchases furnishings as requested by supervisor. Monitors, supports and assists individuals to participate in routine household chores.

14. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY. Assists individuals with managing their money, including budgeting, paying bills and banking. Maintains individual accounts within established limits and follows all applicable procedures for handling individual funds. Utilizes correct procedures when making agency purchases with credit cards or by other means. Obtains appropriate approvals and stays within defined budget or spending limits when making purchases.

15. RECORDS. Assures that all required documentation is completed to the appropriate quality standards and within required timelines. Reviews relevant documentation daily. Reviews and contributes information to the staff communication book on a daily basis. Accurately records hours worked on electronic timecard on daily basis.

16. TRANSPORTATION. Transports individuals as needed or required. Assures the safety of passengers by operating vehicles in a safe manner and according to STRIVE Transportation Department procedures. Assures that vans or other agency vehicles are clean. Promptly reports any vehicle maintenance problems.

17. OTHER DUTIES. Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Starting Salary is $15.00 an hour.  Shift differentials available.

Available benefits offered to Full Time Employees:

Health/Vision/Dental Insurance

Sick Leave

Paid Time Off

403(b) retirement plan and match

Available Benefits offered to Part Time Employees: 

Sick Leave

Paid Time Off

403(b) retirement plan and match


** Perfect for 2nd jobs, Students, Flexible Hours! **

• Do you want to empower others to reach their full potential and independence?

• Do you like to advocate for people’s rights?

• Do you want to make a difference in the community and in people’s lives?

• Do you want to gain experience in a professional environment alongside nurses, behavior specialists, and occupational therapists?

• Do you want a job that will keep you busy?

• Do you want a variety of schedule choices?

Then Strive is right for you! We offer PAID training with schedule flexibility!

OVERNIGHTS NEEDED! Shift differential paid for swing and overnight shifts!



H.S. Diploma or GED.

Successful completion of paid training (core competency training) including, but not limited to:

       - Demonstrated competency in CPI & CPR

       - CPI:  Must demonstrate competency in personal safety techniques and team control.

       - CPR: Must is able to perform each skill area correctly without guidance.

       - First Aid

       - Medication Administration/QMAP

Satisfactory results from DORA, criminal background and reference checks

Valid driver’s license and driving record that meets STRIVE standards

Work Environment: Most job functions are performed in a residential setting, but include limited travel and outdoor activities. Driving is required on a regular or frequent basis.

Overall Physical Requirements for all group homes and residential settings:

• Ability to lift from floor, transfer or & carry 12-25 pounds infrequently, 25-50 pounds no more than 6-12 times per shift.

• Ability to stand/walk at least 45 minutes per hour, 75% of shift.

• Ability to push/pull 10 pounds frequently, up to 75 pounds infrequently

• Ability to reach & stoop occasionally and to kneel and squat for up to15 minutes occasionally.

• Ability to complete gross and fine motor activities with hands and fingers frequently.

• Ability to use vision at 20 inches or less and 20 feet or more.

• Depth perception that allows for judging distance and space.

• Ability to lift and transfer up to 50 pounds frequently

• Ability to lift 60 pounds from the floor rarely (fire drills)

• Ability to carry heavy weights (over 50 pounds) occasionally.

• Ability to squat frequently and kneel infrequently

• Ability to push up to 180 pounds frequently (manual wheelchairs) and team push power wheelchairs if not operational.

• Ability to reach over, forward and to the side frequently

• Ability to perform movements & balance to assist with transfers frequently

Exemptions to the COVID vaccine are available. Inquire with HR on acceptable exemptions.