Peer Support Specialist (Full-Time)


Job Details

Title:  Recovery Support Specialist (RSS)/Non-Driver II 

Salary Range: $15.65-$20.83 Plus Benefits  

Credentials: BHT     FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt

Reports to: Assistant Site Manager Hours per Week Expected: 20 to 40 hours

Supervises: None  Full/Part-time:     Full/Part-time

Purpose of Position:

Recovery Support Specialists (RSS)/Non-Driver II staff accompany approved drivers in transporting members locally using company vans. As an RSS, staff are advanced level peer support workers who provide screening, assessment, individualized service planning, life skills training, advanced coping skills training, electronic health record documentation, case management, crisis intervention, individual and/or group recovery services to members living with general and/or severe mental illness in a day treatment setting. BHT’s are responsible for contributing to and creating a recovery-focused environment while supervising and monitoring members while in the treatment milieu. BHT’s provide meaningful input in daily staffing for the purpose of ensuring quality member care and provide information to members on behavioral health concerns. BHT’s collaboratively create individualized service plans (ISP) with members based on the S.T.A.R. Core Competencies Checklist which was derived from SAMHSA’s core competencies model for peer support workers. BHT’s make appropriate referrals to internal programs and/or other community based organizations as needed. BHT’s assist in training interns, volunteers or new hires. BHT’s utilize verbal and behavioral de-escalation techniques.

Essential Functions:

· Assist in a 10 passenger van to transport members from/to home, clinic, centers, field trips, etc. 

· Welcome members and visitors to the center and assist as needed. Ensures all members sign-in and sign-out.

· Facilitates and documents groups to teach skill building for independent living skills, socialization, health and 

· wellness, understanding and reducing impact of mental illness, making friends, advocacy, etc.

· Completes group sheets, data entry and paperwork as needed.

· Ensures that the center is clean and confirms all chores are properly done by members, teaching skills as needed, and writing out S.T.A.R. dollars upon proper completion.

· All supply doors must be locked or observed at all times. 

· Ensures center rules are being followed by all members and guests to provide a healthy learning environment.

· Assists with intakes, outreach, and coordination with clinical team, family, and primary care physician as needed.

· Resolves member concerns. Implements crisis intervention as needed. Follow through with disruption policy as needed. 

· BHT’s collaboratively create individualized service plans (ISP) with members based on the S.T.A.R. Core Competencies Checklist which was derived from SAMHSA’s core competencies model for peer support workers

· BHT’s assist in training interns, volunteers or new hires.

· Facilitates social and recovery groups; one-on-one’s; and required documentation.

· Attends staff meetings and training classes.

· Participates in the program and makes it a fun atmosphere for everyone.

· Appraise management of any conflicts/suggestions relating to S.T.A.R. policy/programs.

· Other duties as assigned:

· Sit in on staffing’s

· Food Share/Hygiene shopping

· Do the daily group board and daily GDP

· Weekly schedules

· Assist with monthly outing schedules

· Schedule group

· Plan field trips and arrange for funding

· Comtrans

· Pick-up and serve lunch

· Clean kitchen after lunch

· Train staff and new hires

· Clean bathrooms and around center when needed

· Open in the AM and set up breakfast

· Sit in and cover receptionist area

· Ensure that members complete chores

· Facilitate art groups and order and store supplies

· Responsible for maintaining credit card and receipts

· Fuel vans

· Pick up donations

· Ensure that center is clean and properly closed down at the end of day


Company Driver?   Yes 

Safety Sensitive?   Yes  

Transports Clients? Yes



Physical Requirements:





Reaching – with Arms & Hands                                 





Vision (Close, Peripheral, Depth, Ability to Adjust Focus)  

Lifting up to 10 lbs. 

Lifting 10-25 lbs. 

Lifting 25-50 lbs. 

Lifting more than 50 lbs. 


GED or High School Diploma x Required /  Preferred


· Must have a personal lived experience of mental health and/or substance abuse issues and is living in recovery and willing to share their experience to assist others.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

· Must be able to handle several tasks at once

· Good communication and follow-up skills

· Must demonstrate excellent rapport with members

· Computer/typing skills a must

· Specialty in the Arts i.e. Crafts, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics or Pottery

Professional Certifications & Licenses:

None Required / Preferred

Other requirements:

Self-identify as a Peer by the International Association of Peer Supporters (I NAPS) 

Or Mental Health America definition and/or have (or have had a history) of a 

Mental Health/Behavioral Health or Substance Use/Abuse Diagnosis  

(Bona Fide Occupational Qualification)   x Required 

Peer Certification  x Preferred

At least 21 years of age (Bona Fide Occupational Qualification) x Required 

Valid AZ Driver’s License x Required 

CPR/First Aid Certification  x Preferred

Covid-19 Vaccine x Required

Criminal Background Verification x Required

Pre-Hire and Random Drug/Alcohol Screening x Required

Personal Vehicle  x Preferred