Cell Therapy Scientist
Cambridge, MA Research & Development

We are currently seeking talented and motivated individuals to join the group of Cell Biology and Immunology in the R&D Department located in North Cambridge, Massachusetts. The successful candidate should possess extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in oncology, cell biology, and immunology, in particular, CAR-NK/CAR-T cell biology. The candidate will be able to contribute to the effort for developing a cell therapy platform, building and optimizing cell-based immunoassays to characterize and assess CAR-NK/CAR-T cell functions. Experience with CAR-NK/CAR-T cells is preferred. As major contributors to pipeline development, the candidates need to demonstrate the ability of planning, designing, executing complicated experiments, and delivering scientific results in a cross-functional environment. Experience in supervising and managing junior Scientist/Research Associate will be a strong plus.

  • Independently plan, design, execute experiments to assess the in-vitro functions of CAR-NK/CAR-T cells
  • Develop cell therapy platform and optimize cell-based immunoassays, including ex-vivo antigen-specific T cell isolation and expansion. Multi-color flow cytometry, ELISA, ELISPOT, cytotoxic assays
  • Deliver scientific results at internal and external meetings
  • Supervise associate scientists for routine laboratory work
  • Work collaboratively within internal cross-function teams and external CRO/academic institutes
  • Help group leader with general laboratory management
  • Serve as the major contributors for pipeline development



  • Ph.D. in cell biology/immunology/oncology
  • >2 years’ post-graduate experience in human T-cell biology, immunology, or oncology
  • Extensive hands-on experience in CAR-NK/CAR-T cell for cancer immunotherapy
  • Familiar with viral vector construction, production, and manipulation (Lentiviral, retroviral and adenoviral vectors )
  • Experience in immune cell functional assays (cytotoxicity assay and cytokine release assay)
  • Expertise in flow cytometry and ELISA 
  • Expertise in cell biology and immune cell profiling
  • Extensive experience in multi-color flow cytometry 
  • Experience with immune cells culture (NK cells, T cells, and macrophages cells) 
  • Track record of scientific publications and accomplishments 
  • Demonstrated ability in presenting scientific results 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • A team player who can work efficiently as an individual