Early Education Teacher - Substitute

Position Summary:

The Educator is as responsible for the care and education of young children from ages 3 months through age 2 or age 2 through age 5. The educator is responsible for creating a warm and nurturing relationship with each child, designing and maintaining an environment that stimulates curiosity and utilizing a dynamic “emergent” curriculum that is grounded in hands-on exploration and play. The foundation of the learning environment at the Early Education Center is that relationships are the core of all experiences. The Educator documents each child’s growth and learning in order to make learning visible for children and families. The Educator engages in a highly reflective teaching practice that is based on child observation which informs the planning of learning experiences, in relation to his or her developmental level and the California Foundations for Early Learning and NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Practice. Educators are expected to follow the principles of the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct

Note this is a substitute, on-call position.


The Educator reports the Assistant Director and Director.

Minimum Qualifications:

Prior experience working with children

High School Diploma or equivalent

A minimum of 12 college level units in Early Childhood Education


To establish and maintain a (safe, healthy, supportive) learning environment:

1. Provides a development appropriate classroom environment that reflects children’s learning and growth

2. Maintains a safe, clean and organized environment

3. Plans and implements a nutritious snack program which promotes healthy eating practice

4. Designs and maintains a classroom environment that promotes curiosity, hands on exploration, problem solving, creativity and is model for positive social relationships

To support physical, social emotional and cogitative learning:

1. Conducts observations of each child regularly to document child’s developmental growth, and develops lesson plans that support observations

2. Shows an ability to provide a balance of child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities

3. Providers a balance between active and quiet learning activities

4. Plans and implements experiences that promote language, literacy, math, science, music and creative expression

5. Plans and implements experiences which are culturally diverse

6. Uses and promotes positive guidance techniques

7. Plans and implements curriculum that supports social/emotional skills

8. Uses consistent routines to support transitions

9. Encourages self-help skills and independence in children

To create positive and meaningful relationships with families:

1. Demonstrates cultural sensitivity and respect for children background by incorporating cultural, linguistic and family values into the classroom.

2. Promotes communication with parents through weekly updates and classroom documentation, home visits and annual conferences

3. Welcomes parents and encourages participation

4. Offers support and resources to family’s when relating assessment information and as needed throughout the year

To uphold a commitment to professionalism:

1. Possesses knowledge of Developmentally Appropriate Practices

2. Promotes center philosophy and educational objectives

3. Engages in ongoing staff development to improve personal and professional skills

4. Supports the professional growth of colleagues by sharing information and materials and through collaboration

5. Values open communication, helpful feedback, encouragement and prompt conflict resolution between colleagues

To ensure a well-run, purposeful program:

1. Maintains knowledge of current licensing regulations

2. Provides functional training and guidance to aids, substitutes, and volunteers assigned to the classroom

3. Assess programs supplies and materials needed before implementing activities

4. Maintains written plans on a weekly basis

5. Possess knowledge and ability to use current technology

6. Monitors the health and well-being of children

Personal Qualities and Special Job Characteristics:

1. Must display a genuine disposition for engaging children and promoting curiosity and learning.

2. Must have a warm, supportive attitude towards children

3. Must be reliable and flexible and in receiving assignments or adapting to change in the program

4. Must be willing to accept supervision in order to improve works performance

5. Must have the ability to communicate effectively with children and adults

6. Must be physically able to perform the job of an Early Childhood Educator (able to lift children and or equipment up to 40lbs, able to stoop, bend or sit for extended periods)