Reno, Nevada Cashier/Stock

• Understand and comply with management’s directions and guidelines within guidelines of company’s policy and procedures.

• Following Company’s Customer Relations Philosophy. Pay whole attention to customer’s needs first and secondary tasks can wait.

• Apprise store management of all sales, cash and/or operational discrepancies.

• Prepare shift-change report at completion of shift and minimize cashier’s errors.

• Accurately post all markups, markdowns, store use of merchandise, voids, and bad-merchandise write offs.

• Advice management of any situations or policy violations having an adverse effect on the store’s operating performance, including maintenance problems.

• Keep coolers, merchandise shelves fully stocked and fronted at all times.

• Able to lift 50lbs or less.

• Properly clean and maintain equipment, floors, and restrooms. Make sure the register area is clean, free of any personal belongings, displays are unblocked, operable and pointed toward customer.

• Adhere to all city, county, state and federal regulations.

• Use up-selling techniques and properly up selling products that complement customer purchases.

• Understand that customers are the reason we are in business and treat them with excellent services and pleasant greetings and smile before and after the transaction checkouts.


• High School Diploma or GED

• 21 years of age or older

• Be able to obtain a TAM and Health Card

• Pass Drug Screen and Background Check

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