FT Household Manager (35 hours weekly) - Tuesday through Saturday 10am-6pm
Job Type

High School Diploma/GED, Associates Degree Preferred; Minimum two (2) years experience with the developmentally disabled population; Previous managerial experience preferred; Strong supervisory skills; excellent interpersonal skills; Valid and Unrestricted NYS Driver’s license; continued applicable certifications.


• Ensure that adequate, appropriate and seasonal clothing is available for each individual in the residence by replacing, purchasing and maintaining receipts

• Ensure that clothing is organized and cared for appropriately

• Oversee general household operations including, but not limited to, ordering supplies, maintaining accounts, records and inventories (bedding, household items, clothing, etc.)

• Responsible for ensuring that residents are given consistent and ample opportunities for participating in household chores and the maintenance of personal belongings

• Transport and accompany residents to clinic appointments, as necessary

• Assist direct support professionals in supporting and supervising residents

• Perform duties of direct support professional, as needed

• Work with Residence Management to ensure that the household communication log is being used and read by staff; convey information from the log to management and/or administration

• Participate as a member of the household management team, working cooperatively with management and clinicians to provide quality services to individuals

• Act in a supervisory capacity in the absence of Residence Manager, Assistant Manager.

• Attend and participate in scheduled training classes, meetings and conferences

• Perform other duties as required.

• Previous experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

• Implement daily schedules, including all routines and life skills activities as directed by supervisor or written in the plan.

• Ability to encourage self-advocacy or to advocate as needed for the individuals

•  Must have and show proof of COVID-19 Vaccination 

Salary Description
$32,204 - $39,520 per year