Instructor for HVAC Training Academy and Apprentice Program
Sterling, VA Human Resources
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Instructor for HVAC Training Academy and Apprentice Program

Is it time yet? Has the moment arrived for you to hang-up the tool belt, retire the gauges and put the torches up for sale on Craigslist? Or has the passion which has been driving you throughout your career to be the best…to be a “Craftsman” among worker drones, to be a leader, a source of knowledge and respected in your calling, must now be put to work giving back to the industry? Is the fire in your soul to be the best and represent the honor and work ethic of the elite of the HVAC trade, too hot to contain to yourself? 

If you can communicate and teach others the skills which you have honed over the years, as well as demonstrate the traits and characteristics of success, then this opportunity as an instructor may be the outlet you seek! If this is your unfulfilled passion, then this is the opportunity for you! The AllTech Training Academy is looking for a well versed and skilled HVAC Instructor! If you have the ability to teach, explain and nurture to young eager Apprentices in our Apprentice Program, two days a week, then this is a phenomenal opportunity to exercise those abilities and feel the pride and rewards of passing onto the next generation of HVAC Technicians THE RIGHT WAY TO BEING A HVAC PROFESSIONAL! It does not matter if this is a new chapter in your career or if this is the end of a grand pursuit in HVAC…what is important is that you are capable to teach, instruct, demonstrate and grow young, eager minds into HVAC Technicians! If that passion is inside you, and you can communicate and nurture, this is an opportunity for you!

We are a highly successful HVAC and Plumbing company in Sterling, VA which was voted the Best Contractor to Work For in 2020 by HVAC Magazine. We are a Five Star rated company on social media and take great pride in treating our clients like we wanted to be treated ourselves. We accomplish this by being employee centered and dedicated to our employees. We have great amenities and incredible benefits. Our elegant marble and wood floors Office create an atmosphere of a Google Campus. We have a Fitness Center, a Napping Pod, a monthly Stretch Zone session for employees, and many outstanding benefits that are too numerous to list. 

We also have a state-of-the-art Training Center with every piece of HVAC and Plumbing equipment in the industry! They are “live fire” and wired for service action (with the exception of our Geo Thermal simulator). Even the Water Heaters, Tankless Heaters and Water Treatment units are filled and heated by Gas, Electric and Propane! It is an instructor’s dream classroom! 

We have plans to expand our training Academy and will one day have a full dedicated staff employed there. Perhaps you want to one day become the Dean of the Academy and teach the teachers? This is the opportunity for any of this to be a reality! It is the ground floor of the program. 

AllTech has grown rapidly over the past five years and did not terminate, furlough or reduce our staff’s hours during the pandemic! We are a trusted essential service provider who took great precautions in protecting our employees and clients. We always look inward for Managers and Leaders! We have acquired several other companies and are actively seeking more opportunities to grow. When your business formula is a meteoric success, expansion is an inevitable win fall. As we grow, we always first look in house to promote through our current employees. This is a wonderful opportunity to be apart of something special in the HVAC world.

If this is an interesting opportunity to you, please send your resume for immediate consideration and communication.