Customer Service/Account Manager
Job Type


Company Overview: 

At Publication Printers, we believe that print is alive and well! With over 40 years in the industry, and as one of the largest family-owned printing companies in the country, Publication Printers values customers and employees like part of the family. We are deeply invested in the success of our 1500+ customers, who trust us to deliver quality printing, as well as marketing solutions and top-notch customer service. 

Job Description:

Ensure that the smooth flow of entered orders is maintained among the customer, customer service and production and that each job is produced efficiently and to the customer's specifications. 

Salary Range: $50,000 to $58,000 

Essential Job Functions:

· Serves both sales representatives and customers as primary contact and source of information on particular jobs.

· Learns and understands the customer's needs and listens for any opportunity to produce projects more efficiently.

· Services the customer by solving problems, gathering and transmitting information as needed.

· Takes job specs from Sales Rep or customer. Logs in request for estimate. Communicate to sales rep or customer.

· Receives job from sales rep or customer. Compares with estimate and discusses any differences with customer and sales rep. Initiates job jacket and job ticket. Plans the job; creates press layout and binding impositions; organizes complex jobs when they arrive to facilitate production; finalizes scheduling with Production Manager.

· Tracks job through production and communicates any problems and changes to plant personnel, sales reps and customers.

· Keeps accurate records on all jobs and customer contacts, so both the company and customer are protected should questions arise later.

· Attends daily production meetings giving accurate and timely status reports and projections.

· Adopts procedures for the customer service team to ensure new and better methods of maintaining accounts.

· Initiates and maintains good organization of records and information. 

· Perform other duties as requested.


· Ability to facilitate communication between customers, sales reps and production while work is in process. 

· Must exhibit empathy for customers, their problems and needs. 

· Must be able to juggle many tasks and modify plans as requirements change. 

· Ability to describe physical objects and job processes over the phone or in writing. Initiates and maintains good organization of records and information. 

· Interested in preventing errors and solving problems. 

· Professional telephone technique, typing and business correspondence skills.  

College degree and/or equivalent customer service experience. Demonstrated skills in leadership, organization and communication are necessary. Extensive knowledge of printing processes. 

Problem Solving: Ability to anticipate problems and head them off. 

Organization: Ability to develop new techniques for handling work.  

Language Skills: Ability to read, write and speak English  

Mathematical Skills: Basic math skills required in preparation of project orders which always contain Order counts, versions with counts and etc.   

Reasoning Ability: Strong reasoning skills a requirement in dealing with customers, and internal production department employees and leadership. 

Computer Skills: Required as all tasks are completed using PC and various software or programs.    

Physical Demands: The physical demands are typical for an office setting. Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds.