Peer Support Specialist (PACT Program)
Job Type

* $100 bonus available upon hire, another $100 bonus at completion of 90 day probation period.


Promotes a recovery based approach to members who have recently experienced a crisis episode. Emphasizes hope, respect, self-direction and empowerment by providing peer support, education on community resources and other support and rehabilitation services, to aid in members’ recovery from mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. Increases and strengthens coping skills within 45 days to help prevent re-admission to hospital. Guidance and direction is provided by the Program Coordinator and the Chief Clinical Officer.

Essential Duties

· Understands PACT role in the community and inpatient settings.

· Attempts contact with-in 24 hours of receiving referral in order to start PACT process in bridging from crisis episode to community supportive services.

· Provides peer support to member in an inpatient setting, coordinating with hospital inpatient staff, and assists in discharge planning.

· Provide support and rehabilitative services to achieve members’ goals through the use of one-to-one supportive services.

· Assist member with enrolling in an Intake Agency if needed, coordinates with Intake Agency to ensure effective service delivery, and completes ART meetings.

· Makes sure member attends follow up doctor’s appointments including the provision of transport if needed, utilizing agency vehicle.

· Completes Crisis and Wellness plan with member as a tool to help member utilize community supports and resources.

· Once services are completed, ensures and facilitates an effective transition back to Intake Agency.

· Relates own recovery process in a positive and supportive manner through coaching, role modeling and mentoring in order to establish or strengthen member’s recovery.

· Assist members in articulating personal goals for recovery and works with the member and their treatment team to determine the steps needed to achieve these goals.

· Works with member to navigate and use community resources in an effective manner.

· Supports safety of member’s living environment (personal safety, food supply, utilities and appliances working, adequacy of furnishings, and lack of fire hazards).

· Provides instruction in activities of daily living (nutrition, meal planning, shopping, and meal preparation; budgeting; home cleaning and organization; personal grooming and laundry) if needed.

· Communicates with clinical team regarding members’ level of independent functioning and current levels of support provided.

· Advocates for members, as needed, to ensure delivery of necessary services.

· Completes documentation for behavioral health record in accordance with agency and funding source requirements.

· Ensure compliance with and support of Executive directives, Agency contracts and established policies and procedures.

· Promotes HOPE, Inc. as the premier peer support organization to the behavioral health community and prospective funding sources.

· Performs other related duties in accordance with agency growth, departments, and changes.


· At least 21 years of age

· High School/GED + 2 years’ behavioral health experience OR

· AA or Bachelor’s degree in a behavioral health field

· Graduation from Peer Support training, required within one year of employment

· Must have first- hand knowledge of a behavioral health condition or substance abuse issue, having received treatment or medication personally OR identify as a family member of someone in recovery

· Demonstrate strong leadership and organizational skills

· Ability to implement organization-wide activities (setting objectives, developing strategies, developing policies and procedures for programming, and organizing the functions necessary to accomplish the activities)

· Valid Arizona Driver’s license, Driver’s license is an essential requirement for performing duties for this position with a Clean Motor Vehicle Record - no more than 2 moving violations or a license suspension in past 3 years.

· Current 1st Aid and CPR certification

· Proof of TB within the last year

· Fingerprint Clearance required for hospital admission.