Quality Assurance Technician
West Bend, IA Quality Assurance
Job Type

You are the protector of our product. You stand guard to defend both the quality and aesthetic beauty of every single product that leaves our building. 

Our Quality Assurance Team ensures our products are the absolute best they can be. 

As a QA Tech, your job will be to safeguard that once a customer trusts us enough to purchase our products and feed them to their families, those products are going to be safe to eat, wholesome, and delicious. 

Nobody wants to serve a pastry with some weird, unknown piece of plastic in it. You don’t want to be the one to pull a (Ugh! Gross!) hair out of your cookie. And you definitely don’t want to serve a freakishly ugly Franken-cake to your family and friends. 

You and your team will make sure our customers never have to worry about any of that. 

Maybe you’ve done quality before, and maybe you haven’t. But you’re going to take those one to three years of experience you gained working with food or quality someplace else, and you’re going to be excited to use it to help our team. You’ll perform daily checks, move around the line, make sure things look good, and generally share your knowledge and experience to make a difference. 

You’ll put your superior communication and relationship building skills to work at Country Maid, and they’ll be VALUED, as you help the team understand the WHYs behind our food safety policies. 

You know that the details matter, but so does the big picture. So you’ll see how things are working overall on the line, but still notice when the braids just don’t have enough filling. 

And you also are wise enough to understand that there’s no such thing as “perfect.” So you’ll exercise great judgement (and we trust you to do it!) to decide on your own when it’s imperfect but still a good cake, and when it’s a cake that needs not see the light of day. As the great bearded Gambler told us, “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em; know when to fold ‘em.” And we appreciate that you, our new teammate, are wise enough to know the difference. 

And you’ll be working with a team that likes to have some fun. They’ll laugh with you. They’ll wish you “Good morning,” and “Good evening,” and you’ll share a smile with them. 

And that’s in addition to the full benefit package you’ll get working here. And free pastries and cakes. So many free pastries and cakes. you’ll get a competitive hourly wage, plus overtime for any hours you work over 40. You’ll get most weekends off. You’ll work first shift. You’ll work four, 10-hour shifts most weeks, so you’ll often get three-day weekends. Plus, you’ll get full benefits, paid time off, paid holidays, and a wellness benefit. You’ll also become one of our employee owners; Country Maid is a 100% employee-owned company. 

If we just described you, what are you waiting for?