Warehouse Associate
WEST BEND, IA Shipping & Receiving
Job Type

Are you a person who can’t imagine sitting at a desk all day, boxed in by four walls? Do you need variety? Do you need to be able to move around? Do you need challenge? Do you thrive in an environment where people will actually stop and speak to you instead of looking the other way as you pass by?

Do you look at an empty semi and get excited to play a real-life game of Tetris as you load it?

If that’s you, you could be the person our team needs!

While you’ll operate within the overall structure, you’ll have freedom to make decisions on how to best get the work done efficiently and effectively. We’ll trust you to use your prior warehouse and forklift experience to make those decisions, but the team will be there to support you if you ask for help.

And that game of Tetris? You’ll definitely get the high score, because you’ll call upon your past experience loading and unloading trucks to work quickly and effectively.

Our Warehouse Associate works as a member of the team, supporting Production. You see, nothing goes anywhere without our Warehouse team. You’ll ensure supplies get to the line, loading by hand or by forklift. You’ll pick up pallets on the forklift and take them back to the freezer. You’ll load and unload trucks. You’ll take garbage outside to the dumpsters.

Sometimes you’ll work off all those free pastries and cakes you’ll get to take home by hopping off the forklift to hand palletize supplies or build orders.

You’ll be excited to talk to others, stopping to answer questions from your colleagues in Production. You’ll use the computer skills you picked up at past jobs verify production and supply requirements.

You won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

And you’ll be working with a team that likes to have some fun. They’ll laugh with you. They’ll wish you “Good morning,” and “Good evening,” and you’ll share a smile with them.

And that’s in addition to the full benefit package you’ll get working here. And free pastries and cakes. So many free pastries and cakes. you’ll get a competitive hourly wage, plus overtime for any hours you work over 40. You’ll get most weekends off. You’ll work first shift. You’ll work four, 10-hour shifts most weeks, so you’ll often get three-day weekends. Plus, you’ll get full benefits, paid time off, paid holidays, and a wellness benefit. You’ll also become one of our employee owners; Country Maid is a 100% employee-owned company.

If we just described you, what are you waiting for? Apply now!